QR Code on Outdoor Billboards

Pretty sure you’ve seen a few of these around. Quick Response code, or commonly known as the QR code, has becoming a lot more popular these days, especially in the marketing and advertising industries.


QR code is a bar code which consists of a URL that can be scanned with a mobile phone, and it will take us directly to a designated website page. Due to its quick readability to provide information, this QR code is nearly used everywhere, be it newspapers, magazines, websites, business cards, – even outdoor billboards.


Really? Billboards? Does QR code work on billboards?


DongYouWaWa @ People’s Park Complex C


In order for the QR code to successfully work, it is encouraged to put this on sites with a long dwelling time and heavy footfall. Just like our site above, at the cross junction of People’s Park Centre. Located at an area with such high traffic volume, it ought to catch people’s attention & scan the embedded QR code – especially for awesome promotions!


Let’s take a quick glance at the other sites that we have with QR codes:


NETS @ Furama
FomoPay @ People’s Park Complex C


The other 2 sites above are also located in Chinatown and this place is always packed with tourists. Thus, putting a QR code on billboards, particularly in this area, is an excellent way to increase engagement with the audience.

To add on, as outdoor billboards are usually huge in size, it is possible for people to scan from quite a distance. Just because you’re far from it, doesn’t mean you can’t grab that deal! ;D

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