QRIS: Indonesian Digital Payment from Bank Indonesia (BI)

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Bank Indonesia launches new National Standard QRIS features

 Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard (QRIS) is a payment standardization using the QR Code method from Bank Indonesia (BI), which is claimed to help micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) move up in class. Since its release, QRIS has been prepared for MSMEs. QRIS will make it easier for MSMEs when there are consumers who want to make transactions.

On August 17, 2023, QRIS will launch new features in commemoration of the 78th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia, enabling users to utilize it for cash withdrawal, transfer, and cash deposit transactions, or QRIS TUNTAS.

QRIS Cross-Border: Now Snack abroad can use Rupiah!

Now, snacking abroad using Rupiah currency is no longer just a dream. The Central Banks of four ASEAN countries, namely Bank Indonesia (BI), Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), Bangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas (BSP), Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), and Bank of Thailand (BOT), have agreed to collaborate in realizing and supporting faster, cheaper, transparent, and inclusive payments.

 One embodiment is implementing QRIS between countries. Actually, what is QRIS between countries? Inter-border QRIS is a QR code-based cross-border payment system that can be used for cross-border transactions.

With QRIS between countries, transactions between countries no longer need to convert or exchange currency when shopping in the country they are visiting, just by scanning the QR code.

So, tourists from other countries can make payments for transactions in Indonesia by scanning the QRIS of Indonesian merchants using their country’s payment application.

On the other hand, payments for transactions by Indonesian tourists can be made by scanning the standard QR of the country they are visiting using the Indonesian payment application.

The use of QRIS Cross-Border Socialization Campaign targets foreign tourists and Indonesian tourists who are going abroad

Sekupang and Batam Center International Ferry Terminal

To promote the campaign to use QRIS Payment abroad, targeting target users such as foreign tourists on vacation in Indonesia and local Indonesian tourists who will travel abroad, Bank Indonesia utilizes super strategic advertising sites located at crossing points between countries, which are the International Ferry Port and International Airport around the closest province to our neighborhood countries, which are definitely very busy with tourists.

Bank Indonesia deliberately took advantage of the moment approaching the end-of-year holidays to start a campaign during the end-of-year 2023 and Chinese New Year 2024 festive seasons and succeeded in targeting the right target in conveying public service messages to promote the use of QRIS abroad.

Advertising in Sekupang & Batam Centre International Ferry Terminal: A Strategic Choice

Bank Indonesia decided to showcase its QRIS campaign at Sekupang & Batam Centre International Ferry Terminals because they thoroughly understood the strategic advantages offered by these bustling locations. The choice is driven by several factors that amplify the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

  1. High-Traffic Areas:

Sekupang & Batam Centre International Ferry Terminals serve as major gateways for travelers entering and leaving Indonesia. These hubs witness a constant influx of visitors, including both foreign tourists and local travelers. The terminals, being central points for international and domestic travel, guarantee a steady stream of foot traffic, providing an unparalleled opportunity to reach a diverse audience.

  1. Ideal Platform for Communication:

With an array of services, including ferry terminals and international airports, Sekupang & Batam Centers form pivotal transportation hubs. These hubs are more than just transit points; they represent critical moments in a traveler’s journey. By strategically placing the QRIS campaign in these locations, Bank Indonesia ensures the message reaches its audience during key decision-making moments, fostering a connection between the benefits of QRIS and the practicalities of travel.

  1. Timely Coordination with Festivities:

Bank Indonesia’s meticulous timing of the campaign aligns with the end-of-year holidays and the Chinese New Year festivities in 2024. These periods witness a surge in travel activities as individuals embark on vacations, visit family, or explore new destinations. By synchronizing the campaign with these celebratory seasons, Bank Indonesia maximizes its impact, capitalizing on the heightened consumer engagement during these joyful occasions.

  1. Tourism Impact:

Batam, being a popular destination for tourists, both domestic and international, amplifies the reach of the campaign. By targeting travelers at the ferry terminal, Bank Indonesia taps into a demographic that is not only more likely to use cross-border payment systems but also has the potential to spread awareness globally. This aligns with the broader vision of promoting QRIS as a tool that facilitates international transactions seamlessly.

  1. Proximity to Neighboring Countries:

Sekupang & Batam Centre International Ferry Terminal’s geographical location, near neighboring countries such as Singapore and Malaysia, makes it an ideal choice to promote cross-border transactions. This strategic placement underscores the practicality and relevance of QRIS for those traveling between countries, further emphasizing the convenience of using the payment system abroad.

The selection of Sekupang & Batam Centre International Ferry Terminal as the focal point for the QRIS advertising campaign is a testament to Bank Indonesia’s astute understanding of consumer behavior, the significance of travel hubs, and the potential of QRIS in facilitating international transactions. The campaign not only capitalizes on high foot traffic but also ensures that the message aligns seamlessly with the travel experiences of the audience, thereby enhancing the overall effectiveness of the promotional efforts.

Other advertisers at Batam Centre Ferry Terminal: 


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