The Impact of Bigger Billboards: Our New LED Screen Upgrade

The Impact of Bigger Billboards

Queensway Shopping Centre Led Screen Upgrade


We are very excited to announce that we have made upgrades to one of our key sites at Queensway Shopping Centre! The Perfect Media’s LED screen located at the exterior of the building is now 220% larger than our previous LED screen billboard. Our previous screen’s dimensions were at 27 square meters. The LED screen upgrade has expanded the screen to 60 square meters, making it bigger and bolder than before.


What Are the Benefits of a Bigger Billboard?


  1. Higher Brand Authority


  • Renting out big billboards means your brand has the authority and luxury of a bigger space. This leaves more room for creativity and a more impactful advertisement.


  1. Higher Impact, Visibility, and Reach


  • Bigger billboards can be seen from much farther
  • It is easier to catch the attention of motorists and passersby
  • Easier for passersby to read and comprehend larger-sized advertisements
  • At night, bigger billboards are eye-catching since its lights will be much brighter due to its size 


  1. Better Return on Investment


  • It is easier to raise brand awareness with bigger and more visible billboards
  • Placed at strategic location with high vehicle and people traffic 


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The Perfect Media Queensway Shopping Centre LED Screen Upgrade
The size comparison of the old and new LED screen at Queensway Shopping Centre


Because The Perfect Media cares about your brand getting the exposure it deserves, our LED screen upgrade of our billboard will definitely help you in maximizing your advertising budget while taking advantage of the various benefits aforementioned. Moreover, our large LED screen billboard is strategically located at the cross-junction along Alexandra Road, adjacent to Jln Bukit Merah. The billboard is given 100% visibility to motorists and drivers since it is fully exposed to moving vehicles. Queensway Shopping Centre is also in proximity to many automotive hubs at Leng Kee Road. Popular auto dealers such as Volvo, Mercedes, KIA, Peugeot, BMW, Hyundai, and Ferrari are located here. 


Queensway Shopping Centre is also located diagonally across a junction from the world-renowned Swedish furniture company, IKEA, and Park Hotel Alexandra. Drivers, motorists, and vehicle users headed to IKEA have a big chance of passing by the billboard at Queensway Shopping Centre especially. IKEA attracts many home furniture buyers with extended periods of operations around the season of Chinese New Year and Hari Raya.


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The Perfect Media has worked with many sports, automotive, and furnishing brands at this bustling location. Brands such as Adidas, Nike, Puma, Pilot Pen, SMBC, Honda, Singapore Bike Show, and more have placed advertisements at our billboard at Queensway Shopping Centre. Even brands such as Daikin and Rinnai have had advertising placements found in the area. Through the years, Adidas has launched various campaigns. These brands knew the high impact of outdoor advertising at Queensway Shopping Centre since it is a famous area for purchasing football gear and limited edition football items. 



For advertisers who would like to work with us for your out-of-home advertisements, Queensway Shopping Centre is a place widely known for buying sporting goods, sneakers, t-shirt printing, and eating good laksa. Many shoppers that visit this area are families and the youth, especially those who are sports and sneaker enthusiasts. Of course, you can also find a variety of other products at Queensway Shopping Centre such as camping goods, clothing, and other food shops.


The Perfect Media LED Screen Construction at Queensway Shopping Centre
The LED screen billboard undergoing construction at Queensway Shopping Centre


As you have seen in the first photo above, The Perfect Media has a special launch package for our new LED screen upgrade at Queensway Shopping Centre. Slots are limited so book with us now to secure your spot! The upgrade is just in time for more impactful and more visible year-end advertisements at this busy cross-junction. 


The Perfect Media helps your brand reach the right millions. If you are interested in placing out-of-home advertisements at Queensway Shopping Centre and our special launch package, you may contact us here to learn more about how we can help you advertise at the most impactful of locations.





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