Queensway Shopping Centre – A Local Hero (part II)

Queensway Shopping Centre in 2017

A year has passed since we last updated on Queensway Shopping Centre, yet this iconic mall is still changing with the trends. In 2016, Park Hotel Alexandra and Alexandra Central brought in a new crowd to the region. In 2017, we are seeing a new trend, not in the region but within the shopping centre itself.


Retail Mix

Queensway now hosts a fresh new retail mix in 2017. The usual sports shops and printing services in Queensway Shopping Centre now have new, trendy companions. Limited edition sneaker retailers and hipster barbers are opening in this mall, even the famed laksa and curry chicken stalls have renovated, signalling a new trend and culture for this iconic mall. A classic architecture hosting a fresh, hip culture is why Queensway Shopping Centre made it into our list of Cranked Up Classics. Here’s a preview of what you can expect to see at QSC.

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Head down to the mall now to experience this fresh new retail mix. Not sure what to expect or look for? Fret not for we have also prepared a guide to shopping at Queensway Shopping Centre!


Of course, with all this buzz happening here, comes the perfect opportunity to advertise in this region! Advertisers can expect a whole new demographic in this region, with more teens and young adults flocking to the mall. Lucky for you, we are now having a promotion as well!


National Day Package 2017

Queensway is cool again!

To usher in a new year of independence for Singapore, we at TPM Outdoor will be celebrating Singapore’s 52nd birthday with our very own promotion! The National Day Package 2017 features our LED Screen at Queensway Shopping Centre. More details are shared on our promotion page and do contact us ASAP to get the best deals. This promotion provides affordable advertising especially for SMEs or even retail tenants with a tight marketing budget.


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