InsightsQueensway Shopping Centre – is it really the end?
Queensway Shopping Centre – is it really the end?

Queensway Shopping Centre – is it really the end?

As we all know, Queensway Shopping Centre is known as THE Sports Mall in Singapore for many many years.



We probably take it for granted, thinking it will always be there. So much so that the news of it possibly closing down came as a shock to most, if not all.


In reality, Queensway Shopping Centre is technically not closing down -at least not yet. It is under the en bloc process, which would take approximately a couple of years. So fear not, fellow Queensway Shopping Centre regulars, you still have time to come down and relive the nostalgia and enjoy the laksa while you can!


Let’s a take a moment to look at what the mall is known for…

What other people say about the mall…

“You will be amazed by the range of sports apparel that the shops got to offer.”



To some, this place holds childhood memories..

This is a to-go place since I’m little. There’s something about this place that keeps me coming back.


Last year, Queensway Shopping Centre was even featured in Weston Corporation x Adidas campaign.


All in all, this mall has touched many of our hearts in one way of another. As long as the fate of this mall is still not finalized, TPM Outdoor is happy to still be their marketing agent.

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