Recover Stronger:  GoTo Welcoming Campaign for G20 Summit with OOH Media in Ngurah Rai Airport

Indonesia is chosen to hold G20 Presidency 2022 

For the first time, Indonesia will hold the G20 Presidency 2022 while Indonesia is the only representative from ASEAN in this forum (Source). The main purpose of the G20 is to find common solutions to global economic conditions. The G20 Forum represents 80% of the world economy, 75% of international trade and 2/3 of the world’s population. It shows how important the G20 forum is in determining the direction of world economic policy.

In sustainable economic and social development, the G20 Presidency is momentum to show that Indonesia is open for business. Various events will be held showcasing Indonesia’s investment and development potential. All these events will create a multiplier effect for the regional economy. Especially in the tourism, accommodation, transportation, and local creative economy.

The G20 Presidency is also expected to have a direct impact on Indonesia’s economy by increasing the country’s foreign exchange earnings. Previous experience in the Presidencies have shown positive impacts on the domestic market for the host country. Over 20,000 international delegates are expected to attend the meeting held in various regions in Indonesia including Bali as the host of G20 Summit.

Bali is Gearing Up for G20 Summit 

Located right between the busy island of Java and the charming beauty of Lombok, Bali has always been the center of Indonesia’s tourism destination. Full of beautiful landscapes and vibrant culture, Bali resembles heaven on earth, a place where the gods decided to reside, earning Bali the nickname “The Island of Gods“. Scratching a unique and distinctive tone that forms the colors of Indonesia. Thanks to its ideal weather and must-see famous tourist sites such as amazing Nusa Dua Peninsula landmarks, the one stop destination Sunset Road, and luxurious duty-free shopping place T Galleria.

Amazing Nusa Dua Peninsula Landmark in Bali. (Image Source: Freepik)
Amazing Nusa Dua Peninsula Landmark in Bali. (Image Source:
Popular Sunset Road in Bali (Image Source:
World-wide guarantee duty-free shop T Galleria Bali. (Image Source:

Just like other destination cities, Bali is also facing the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, so it was forced to close access for local and international tourists for months. Not giving up, the government and local residents continue to work together to suppress the spread of the virus. As well as various other efforts so tourism that support the community’s economy can quickly recover.

This year, Bali will again show its beauty and spirit to the world, by welcoming the delegates of the G20 meeting and the Leaders of the G20 members for the 17th Bali Summit.

Bali: The Famous Paradise for International Nomads

The impact of the pandemic led to many people around the world questioning their working habits. Increasing the number of travelers to work remotely and become the latest trend called Work from Anywhere (WFA). Bali is considered as one of the best destinations with many opportunities to dangle a lure for foreigners seeking to live and work abroad. From exotic beaches, sunny skies, various great accommodation choices, pretty cafes and coworking spaces to networking events and a joyful lifestyle, we can agree that Bali is the most comfortable place for keep being productive and enjoy our life at the same time.

Indonesia is to launch Second Home Visa for foreign business people and digital nomads. (Image Source: Busy Continent)

One of the government’s supports for Bali tourism is to launch Second Home Visa for foreigner or former Indonesia citizens to stay longer (5-10 years) under the new visa. This policy applies towards the implementation of the G20 Summit, investment and other business activities. The new visa is also offering an easier way to all digital nomads in Bali. No need to extend their previous B211A or digital nomad visa for 60 days once anymore.

To apply, visitors have to show proof of the equivalent of nearly $130,000 in the bank. They also must bring a passport valid for at least 36 months including a résumé in the application. Find more about the application requirements here:

Many international nomads are excited about the Second Home Visa, which offers a great opportunity to spend more time exploring the beauty of this paradise in Southeast Asia. The Island has many famous spots and unique activities to keep you entertained on your days off. Here are some our recommended places to start your digital nomad life in Bali:


Work, play, massage, and repeat in Ubud. (Source: The Honey Combers)

There are a bunch of cafes and coworking spaces in Ubud. Digital nomads love to go here for an artsy vibe surrounded by lush hills. Ubud is also an excellent place for maintaining your health and wellness. It’s the perfect place to explore nature, visit local sites and temples, attend any yoga classes, or have a massage-spa time during your days off.


Working in Canggu is a tropical breeze when you’re perched up beside the pool.
(Source: The HoneyCombers)

Bali has become a haven for digital nomads who seek a relaxed lifestyle in Canggu. Canggu is known for incredible sunset views, beautiful beaches, hip cafes and a vibrant nightlife. Getting to know other remote workers in Canggu is almost effortless. There are also networking events and coliving spaces for digital nomads. 


Seminyak making your nomadic dreams a reality. (Source: The HoneyCombers)

Seminyak is a fantastic place to live and work remotely if you are looking for a more upscale beach town. Gorgeous beaches, surfing experience, and many Instagrammable restaurants are welcoming you here. Beside several great coworking spaces and cafes. You can easily find any interesting shopping area, spas, and luxury accommodations in Seminyak too.


Kuta is the perfect place to work with relaxed ambience. (Source: The HoneyCombers)

While Kuta isn’t as digital nomad centered as Canggu or Ubud, there are enough places to work from here because wifi-friendly cafes are still easy to find. We can say Kuta is the perfect spot for digital nomads looking to have a good time. A great weekend getaway from the other cities. Like Canggu, Kuta has stunning sunsets and exciting beach activities. That’s why Kuta is also known as Bali’s party beach town. 

GoTo welcoming campaign for G20 in Ngurah Rai International Airport  – Bali

The Perfect Media Group worked with GoTo in Bali Airport, the combined entity of Gojek and Tokopedia and just in time for G20. The Two Indonesian born Unicorns had impeccable timing to choose Bali International Airport to advertise in during this period, capturing 2 HEAD-ON international arrival locations at the immigrations and the customs exit. 

 International Arrival (I Gusti Ngurah Rai, Bali Airport)

Display Type: Backlite Lightbox

Display Size: 3m (H) x 4,5m (W) 

Media Placement: International Arrival Immigration

Quantity: 1 unit

Placed on the wall behind immigration counters, facing passengers walking after passport checking at the immigration counters towards arrival baggage claim area.

GOTO Branding at International Arrival Immigration, Ngurah Rai International Airport 
GOTO Branding at International Arrival Immigration, Ngurah Rai International Airport 
GOTO Branding at International Arrival Immigration, Ngurah Rai International Airport
GOTO Branding at International Arrival Immigration, Ngurah Rai International Airport 

International Arrival (I Gusti Ngurah Rai, Bali Airport)

Display Type: Backlite Lightbox

Display Size: 2m (H) x 8m (W) 

Media Placement: International Arrival Custom Check

Quantity: 1 unit

Placed after Arrival Custom check area, Viewed by passengers that already collect their baggage then scanning the baggage to Customs checking heading to arrival main exit or pick up point.

GOTO Branding at International Arrival Custom Check, Ngurah Rai International Airport 
GOTO Branding at International Arrival Custom Check, Ngurah Rai International Airport 
GOTO Branding at International Arrival Custom Check, Ngurah Rai International Airport 

In this airport OOH advertising campaign, GoTo displays the message: Go Far, Go Together, Recovery Stronger.

This message is a form of GoTo’s welcome and support for the G20 Summit delegates who have just arrived at Ngurah Rai Airport. As well as a form of encouragement for visitors at the airport that we can rise together as this pandemic ends.

The campaign advertising model in the form of a GoTo partner complete with a mask, a GOJEK driver jacket, and a Tokopedia package box, represents the GoTo message that is always ready to serve all the needs of loyal consumers in one synergy. These two Unicorns have always succeeded in building close relationships between brands and customers in every situation, including the post-pandemic situation.

In other hand, GoTo will be preparing for a dual listing — in New York and Jakarta. As the combined entity of Gojek and Tokopedia – GoTo will be “a globally unique and highly complementary ecosystem,” the two firms said as they look to better compete with heavily funded super app Grab and e-commerce platform Shopee. 

GoTo executives claimed that the combined entity features:

💲 Total Group Gross Transaction Value (GTV) of over $22 billion in 2020

💲 Over 1.8 billion transactions in 2020

💲 Total registered driver fleet of over two million as of December 2020

The Perfect Media is part of this Go-To campaign during the G20. We are super proud of how far our ASEAN countries are coming up in the global spotlight.

Why Advertise in Ngurah Rai Bali Airport

Although Indonesia’s capital city airport is in Jakarta, many Indonesian cities such as Bali, Medan, Surabaya and Batam, the airports are enjoying consistent growing number of domestic and international flight traffic.

Overall, air traffic at Ngurah Rai International Airport  experienced quite good growth during 2022. When compared to the same period in 2021, there was a significant increase in the percentage of passengers and aircraft.

Prior to Covid-19 Pandemic, Ngurah Rai International Airport traffic growing 10% Y-O-Y. International passenger has resumed by February 2022, March 2022 traffic has increased by 10 times. As per April 2022 traffic already equivalent with 86% of 2021 traffic.

Ngurah Rai Bali Airport Passenger Traffic in 2015-2022

In May 2022, international pax has increased by double. We estimated international pax will be continue to increase month-on-month and domestic pax traffic will be similar to past 6 months average.

Ngurah Rai Bali Airport Passenger Traffic in 2020-2022

For domestic flight routes, Jakarta is still the destination with the highest number of passengers with 439,697 passengers served. Followed by Surabaya with 115,530 passengers, and Makassar with 48,493 passengers.

As for international routes, the Singapore route is dominated by 92,928 passengers. Followed by Melbourne, Australia with 25,768 passengers, and Kuala Lumpur with 19,850 passengers.
Both domestic and international passengers continue to experience positive growth statistically. The momentum of increasing the passenger numbers is expected to support the economic recovery of Bali and the whole of Indonesia.

Great momentum for brand to advertise in Bali

As the host of the G20 Summit, Bali is a strategic place for businesses that want to increase brand awareness. At the same time, showing brand support through the spirit carried by Indonesia in the theme of this G20 Summit, “Recover Together and Stronger”. It is an unmissable opportunity for many advertisers especially those targeting the B2B space, fintech, government relations, tourism, and many more.

Looking for the best place to advertise with Bali OOH Advertising?

Welcoming tourists as well as G20 delegates at Ngurah Rai Bali Airport is the Head-on Airport Advertising locations at the international arrival areas, look out for The Perfect Media’s biggest static lightbox at the exit area! We have many more OOH media in Ngurah Rai – Bali International Airport that give great exposure. Make your branding stand out to all audience around the airport. 

In addition, The Perfect Media’s services cover the needs of Outdoor Advertising on major roads, commercial areas, ferry terminals and airports across other big cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Medan, Batam, and Palembang. We have maximized the campaign results of hundreds satisfied local and international clients in our integrated branding promotion media network. Supported by our high quality OOH media in various formats: billboards, lightboxes, wall-mural stickers, and many more. 

Increase your brand awareness and level up your business to higher potential market with our excellent Bali OOH Advertising service. Advertise in Bali right now! Contact us for more info: |



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