Strategic Outdoor Advertising in the Money Remittance Industry

At last count according to Seedly 2020, there are eight international remittance options available for comparison. This does not include the popular local remittance company like Zhongguo Remittance Pte. Ltd located in People’s Park Complex, Chinatown Singapore, and the many other smaller local companies in this shopping area, Golden Mile Shopping Centre, City Plaza, Lucky Plaza, etc.! Even telcos such as Singtel’s Dash has gotten into the game via its Dash product providing both brick-and-mortar shop presence at Lucky Plaza, as well as mobile presence via app. Recently traditional banks such as Standard Chartered or better known as SC Remit and also our client DBS Bank has ramped up their remittance service efforts.


DBS Remittance at Golden Mile Complex
Outdoor advertisement of DBS Remittance Bank found at Golden Mile Complex


DBS has been strategically servicing the remittance market for years. They choose Out-of-Home Media for short-term brand awareness advertising during super peak periods of the year-end and Chinese New Year periods to reach out to their target audience of foreign workers in Singapore. It is habitual for companies in Singapore to give out year-end bonuses towards the end of the year or before the Chinese New Year period. It is also tradition to send home money to loved ones to celebrate festive periods together. Thus, most of the foreigners remitting money back home will be the Chinese from China, Malaysia and maybe even the Thais. It is key to get the timing of the campaign right!


DBS Remittance Bank at Golden Mile Complex
DBS Remittance Bank outdoor ad seen in the background of a crowd at Golden Mile Complex


DBS choose to advertise in areas where there is both a high concentration of local remittance options in Chinatown People’s Park Complex and the Golden Mile Complex areas. These areas are also popular for familiar food. In Chinatown, there are many eateries catering to the tastes of the China foreigners’ workers in Singapore such as Mala Hot Pot, duck legs and tofu skin, reminding them of home. As for Golden Mile Complex, this is also a niche location and highly popular as many Malaysians depart from here via coach back to their home. It is also a mini Thailand in Singapore, so it can also reach to the Thais.


DBS Remittance Bank at People's Park Complex
Outdoor advertisement of DBS Remittance Bank found at People’s Park Complex


Other than that, one of the advantages of having outdoor advertising in such malls which is unmissable by the passer by in the mall. DBS select Out-of-Home Media for the campaign due to the 100% visibility of the locations which can create call for actions and brand awareness during this emotional timing! As we all know, there are numbers of money changers with large crowds in Chinatown People’s Park Complex as well as Golden Mile Complex. Those prominent and unit numbers of the money changers are indicated on it for immediate action!


DBS Remittance Bank at Golden Mile Complex
DBS Remittance Bank outdoor ad in the form of an elevator wrap seen at Golden Mile Complex


The Perfect Media (TPM Outdoor) offers outdoor advertising placements at strategic locations around these 2 sites per 2 locations which is appropriate for DBS to reach their objective of the campaign to encourage usage of the services within the peak period with highest impact. We offer billboard placements at these high traffic areas and landmarks which are in close proximity to the Chinese New Year festivities.


The sites chosen in Golden Mile is an escalator from L1 to L2 and also a wall in front of the many restaurants. As for Chinatown People’s Park Complex, the outdoor billboard is located at a high prominent place and it is unmissable from the MRT exit. This area is very busy especially in Chinese New Year period with the night markets.


The Perfect Media is here to help your brand reach the right millions by offering out-of-home advertising placements at the most impactful of locations! With years of experience, we are able to contribute and apply our knowledge in out-of-home advertising for our clients’ success. You may contact us here to learn more about our services and locations.



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