Rise of Remittance Services and Fintech Services in Singapore

Panda Remit’s localised marketing campaign in Singapore begins with strategically placing its billboard in one of the busiest forex remittance hubs in Singapore. People’s Park Complex in Singapore is one of the best places that Panda Remit has chosen to create a bond with the customers using omnichannel marketing. 


Panda Remit, as a professional remittance company, understands the value of high economic clustering in terms of advertising and marketing. Therefore, it has chosen a strategic location where several popular remittance companies already have their physical stores, including the Zhongguo Changchern Remittance, Hanshan Money Express. Nearby there are Western Union at the corner of Lucky Chinatown and the ICBC and Bank of China branches at Furama City Centre and Chinatown Complex respectively.


Moreover, the People’s Park Complex in Chinatown Singapore has the benefit of having many China and Malaysia oriented businesses here. This means that this place is a hub for travel, visa, and delivery services, thus serving Panda Remit effectively. In fact there are also courier services serving customers sending home Medical products, milk and various items to their loved ones in China. Thus, Panda Remit’s billboard in People’s Park Complex targets its specific audience for a long-term effect. 


Why Remittance Companies Choose Chinatown and How Do They Make Use of OOH?

Many remittance companies have selected People’s Park Complex in Chinatown for advertising and marketing their services. It is because this place is popular for its money changing services in Singapore. This area is also a tourist attraction and this means that marketing and advertising in this area will attract a large number of audience. That is why it makes sense for Panda Remit to select this location for its first billboard. 


Furthermore, DBS Bank, another one of our clients chose to advertise in Chinatown as it is home to many restaurants, and cafes that cater to the liking of authentic Chinese food lovers in Singapore such as Sichuan spicy mala food etc. Good food is a universal calling, so it means all range of audiences from tourists, expat Chinese and even the foreign migrant workers will frequent and hangout there. There is a high concentration of foreign audiences for the remittance services of DBS in this area. 

Read more about DBS here.


DBS has made use of out of home advertising to create brand awareness during the peak periods such as the Chinese New Year. This has allowed DBS to reach the foreign audience of Singapore that can use their remittance services to send money back to their family members and spread the joys of celebration. Thus, many Chinese, Malaysian, Thai and Vietnamese will benefit from this short-term brand awareness campaign and use DBS to send money back home. This, then, shows the effectiveness of Out of Home Advertising and the strategic location of Chinatown for remittance companies and services to reach their target audience.


How does Panda Remit make use of trends of outdoor advertising?

Panda Remit has not only chosen the best location for its first billboard, but it is also employing the right advertising strategies and popular trends to become popular. The online to offline marketing (O2O marketing trends) are used by Panda Remit for its People’s Park Complex Billboard. 


Panda Remit’s billboard uses a QR code which works as a powerful call to action. The target audience can easily scan the QR code and benefit from its services without having to wait in a long queue for their turn!



Panda Remit’s QR code ensures a 2 min turnaround time, inviting users to quickly download their app and scan the QR code for a bonus trial! No more standing on the counter to get your money transferred!


According to Moneysense, Singapore’s national financial education programme, choosing the right remittance service provider requires comparing costs, exchange rates and commissions. This helps you choose the most affordable one. Moneysense also advises you to do proper research and learn about the process of money transfer to avoid any chaos or confusion.


Non-bank remittance companies like Panda Remit understand that they need to win the trust of their target audience. As a Fintech-Based Remittance Company, Panda Remit is working to provide its users with safe and secure services. They allow the users to compare rates transparently. It has also shared its process of transaction with the users and ensures them of the security of their services. 


Moreover, Panda Remit has committed to a long-term billboard in the People’s Park Complex. A long-term billboard is one of the best ways to build trust and connection with the target audience. When potential consumers walk by the place and witness your billboard every time, they learn to see your brand as reliable. Furthermore, Panda Remit’s efficient and smart use of OOH trends and strategies will bring it more revenue in the future!  


Why is the Remittance Industry The Next Big Thing in Singapore?\

The remittance industry is here to stay in Singapore! Ken Research predicted as early as 2019 that Singapore International Remittance Market is expected to generate transactions amounting to more than SGD 11,000 million in outbound remittance space by 2023. This is due to the rise of Fintech Startups and M-Wallet.


The non-banks are the leaders in the international outbound remittance area. According to this research, Singapore would witness a rise in white-collar and blue-collar immigrant workers from China, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Myanmar. 


Hybrid solutions like Panda Remit is the rescuer for the rise of migrant workers. It offers an online to offline O2O presence, allowing consumers to make transfers without being physically present and not losing the physical touch completely! Due to the difficulty of migrant workers to travel back home, they send huge sums of money to their native country and loved ones, leading to increased reliance on digital payment platforms such as Panda Remit. Panda Remit, therefore, is offering appealing packages and services. They have committed to sending money from Singapore to China affordably and quickly


Panda Remit’s affordable packages, appealing taglines, and catchy billboard has increased their appeal for migrants and locals. 


The Perfect Media has helped Panda Remit make its presence in People Park’s Complex with its magnificent billboard that is placed strategically and is hard to miss! A billboard appeals to the target audience and gains their trust, allowing the consumers to consider the brand as a trustworthy one. It also helps create a physical presence in terms of omnichannel marketing strategies.


So enhance the popularity of your brand today! 


The Perfect Media’s unique and creative OOH advertising solutions can help your brand reach the next level! Contact now for more details. 



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