Promoting Safe Homes with X-Joyclean using Outdoor Advertising

Visibility. That is what every business needs to sustain and keep on growing. Without an audience, your business will be lost among many competitors out there in the market. This is why you need strategic outdoor advertising and the reason why X-Joyclean chose The Perfect Media (TPM Outdoor).


About X-Joyclean

X-Joyclean’s product is a special disinfectant that can be used during the pandemic and even after it for sterilization. It is long-lasting as it can keep a space disinfected for up to 44 days!

The technology they have used in their product is like no other and this is what makes their disinfectant unique from any other. You can sterilize your surrounding environment and stay safe from any bacteria or viruses without any problems.


Why X-Joyclean chose TPM

To complement such an amazing product, they needed just the right kind of strategic outdoor advertising to go with it. They chose our Out of Home media space to place their ad and it has helped them reach the right target audience.


Many people pass by that area and the advertisement is something that can’t be missed. Their brand and disinfectants are now known to hundreds of people daily which means more visibility and sales for them!


They chose us because they knew we could deliver what we promised. They wanted their target audience to be people who want to have a comfortable and safer home due to the pandemic and that is exactly what we gave them.


Their advertisement can be seen on the Queensway Shopping Centre opposite Ikea Alexandra which means that people looking to spruce up their home will see the ad as soon as they come out of Ikea!


This location was strategically chosen for X-Joyclean’s outdoor advertisement because it is a prime location that is in a busy place and targets their audience.



Every aspect of the outdoor advertisement was chosen for a reason. TPM does a detailed analysis of where your advertisement can gain the most visibility and then your ad is placed accordingly after consulting with your team. To make the promotion more attractive, and track users, a location specific special discount code of 10OFF was created for potential customers buying X-Joyclean immediately after viewing this ad.



You can benefit from our strategic outdoor advertising as well and here is how:

  • We will help build your brand
  • We can deliver your message to a large and specific audience that will buy your product
  • It will give your brand maximum visibility
  • Prime locations that will be discussed with you in detail
  • Cost-effective
  • The more creative the advertisement is, the more likely it is to be effective and successful


There is a lot that goes into outdoor advertising and it gives a high reward as well. This is what we want for your business too.

TPM Outdoor offers outdoor advertising placements around this location which can be utilized to reach the target audience you have. We offer outdoor advertising in this area so your business can benefit from maximum visibility and exposure.


Final words

Keep safe and choose TPM outdoor for your next outdoor advertising campaign. We will make sure you are getting the best location at the best price. Once you start your outdoor advertising campaign on our media screens in prime locations and see the results you will wonder why you didn’t choose us before!


Our spaces are available and you can contact us now to learn more about the services we offer and the locations we provide by sending an email to or calling +65 8812 0555 via WhatsApp or mobile!



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