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Batam has become one of the favorite destinations for tourists from Singapore and Malaysia to spend their weekend or holiday. According to the Riau Islands Provincial Statistics 2017 survey data, the percentage of tourists from Singapore has reached 51% and Malaysia 12% of the total foreign tourists. Located close to the two neighboring countries, Batam is part of the Riau Islands which is not only famous for its interesting shopping and entertainment scene, but also attracting tourists with its culinary pleasures. As we know, almost in line with the popularity of typical Japanese cuisine, South Korean specialties are also being loved in Indonesia including Batam. Seizing that opportunity, one of the famous Korean BBQ restaurants, Seoul Garden, expanded their business to this city. Seoul Garden is very famous and a favorite among restaurants that provide authentic Korean BBQ in Batam, leading them to expand their reach to welcome tourists to enjoy the delights of their dishes.


Batam Ferry Terminal is the Best Place to Advertise Seoul Garden

Batam International Ferry Terminal (Batam IFT). Source: Batam Xinwen


Together with The Perfect Media, Seoul Garden Batam launched a branding advertisement campaign at Batam International Ferry Terminal (Batam IFT). Why was this location targeted? Malaysian and Singaporean tourists usually come to Batam by ferry via this one international port. According to statistical data, Batam IFT is also the most populous ferry port in Batam City, with an estimated number of passengers reaching 4.3 million per year in 2018 (70-80 trips / day). Therefore, Batam IFT is considered the most suitable location to highlight Seoul Garden Batam brand messaging directly to potential customers.


Seoul Garden Batam Advertisement at Batam IFT Departure Lounge
Seoul Garden Batam Advertisement at Batam IFT Departure Lounge

Using lightbox pillar media with colorful and eye-catching display, Seoul Garden Batam features an impactful communication that is easy to remember and capture the attention of passengers who are waiting and sitting around the departure area. Besides the attractive display, the ad is also advantageous in terms of its strategic positioning which is located right in the middle of the crowd, making Seoul Garden the obvious viewpoint to their intended audience. Thus, passengers will definitely get a mental stimulus to patronize Seoul Garden when they are in Batam.


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