The growth of air travel means that the airport is a great place for the brand to be seen. More and more people travel frequently for work and leisure. When people are in the airport, they become a captive audience and are therefore, more receptive to your brand message.


Ferry terminals, like airports, are also great places to advertise because they also have a captive audience. Unlike airports, ferry terminals usually have less shopping so the audience could be even more receptive to an interesting advertisement.


The Perfect Media Because It Can't Be Turned Off

The biggest challenge faced by advertisers is that every form of advertising can be turned off by the target audience, except for outdoor media. We believe this is the reason why outdoor media has been growing steadily.


Some factors driving the growth of outdoor media are:

  1. Better measurement technology, including electronic location data and eye-tracking
  2. Interactive billboards and street furniture
  3. Programmatic technology to automate digital outdoor media buying.
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The End Point: That's Where We Start

The Perfect Media's methodology works so well because we always start with the end result that the client hopes to achieve. Then, we look at the current state-of-affairs. Comparing the two allows us to measure the gap between the start and end points. This enables us to develop an accurate solution that delivers the exact results that clients want.


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Local People & Billing in Rapidly Developing Markets

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Prime Locations to Reach the Right People

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24-Hour Maintenance Repair

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