NATAS TRAVEL FAIR 2017 Outbound Tourism is Strong in Singapore

Enjoying a holiday is good. And enjoying a holiday at a good discount is even better. Singaporeans also love to travel. TTG Asia’s 2016 article here shares that –

OUTBOUND travel in Singapore grew 6.7 per cent in the first quarter of this year compared with the same period in 2015, according to GfK’s Travelscan data.

China and Thailand has remained as the top two destinations for Singapore travellers while Hong Kong has replaced Indonesia in third position this year.

The semi-annual NATAS Fair organised by the  National Association of Travel Agents Singapore (NATAS) is often a busy and fruitful event for regular travellers to get attractive travel package deals, free luggage and travel insurance etc. No one walks out of a NATAS fair empty handed, or at least not empty stomached! ;D


But NATAS event is a stressful place to be – crowded, full of queues and a lot a lot of tension as families debate over the schedules, destinations and deals before signing away thousands of dollars for a holiday 3 or 6 months in advance. This is speaking also from personal experience, as some deals are so good that I end up calling up my cousins, brothers, father, mother etc to rush down within the 3-day event to swipe their credit cards to lock in in the discounts. So a huge majority of visitors to NATAS are very intentional when visiting and it is definitely a buy-buy-buy, go-go-go and yes-yes-yes event to both visitors and exhibitors. As it is a regular event, NATAS is not something new to Singaporeans.


What about those that are not interested to even come to NATAS? The key is to create enough interest for the destinations well in advance. Taiwan Tourism Board did a short term campaign with TPM before the NATAS 2017 Feb earlier this year as part of their overall drive. May the upcoming NATAS 2017 Aug be successful for Taiwan Tourism and NATAS. More success to them also means more Singaporeans are enjoying life and getting work-life-balance ;D


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