Singapore Food Trails: Part II

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Welcome to the Chinatown of Singapore.


When asked to describe this area, most would paint a picture of old buildings and crowds of the elderly. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that Chinatown is old and outdated. In fact, it was revitalised not too long ago in 2014 (you may read more here).  Chinatown may not be a shopping hotspot for most of us. However, the food in the area is one good reason to pay it a visit.




#1: Lepark

Where there used to be a carpark on the rooftop of People’s Park Complex, now stands Lepark. It is a mod-sin tapas bar and restaurant. Besides offering food that pays tribute to the local cuisine of Singapore, there are also affordable craft beers. Some of the hot favourites include SEY Soft Shell Crab & Cake Slider ($12), and tapas such as Spam Fried with Truffle Mayo ($8). Coupled with a spectacular view of the area, it is the perfect place to unwind after a long day at work.




#2: Potato head Folk

Located at the other end of Keong Saik Road, Potato Head Folk is an American restaurant and bar. Its interior is designed to look like a home. A dynamic burger restaurant sits on the first floor, while a restaurant with table service resides on the second. Visitors to the third floor would find rooftop bar. Murals, coupled with tastefully selected furniture, add a whimsical vibe to the place.



#3: Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant

Just a stone’s throw away from Potato Head Folk is a Japanese restaurant that is making waves among unagi-loving Singaporeans. The restaurant imports live freshwater eel from the Mikawa Isshiki region of Japan. As such, their prices are reasonable for the quality of the eels. The best part? There is no service charge, only GST. Go early to obtain front row seats where you can watch the chef prepare and grill the eel in front of your very eyes.

Our billboards in Chinatown are all about a 10-minute walk from these food outlets. Try spotting them as you go in search of the dish to quell those hunger pangs!




TPM Outdoor @ People’s Park Complex



TPM Outdoor @ Furama City Centre Hotel



TPM Outdoor @ People’s Park Centre



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