Singapore Food Trails: Part I

Geylang has been misjudged for the longest time now. It is time for us to open our minds and see its value for what it is. There are various reasons as to why people visit this place apart from its “red light area” reputation. Let’s explore Geylang, mainly Sims Avenue.


Common Places: Ah Hung D24 Sultan Durian

Durians used to only be available during its seasons. However, it is readily available in many places these days so if you google for best place to find durians in Singapore, Ah Hung D24 Sultan Durian would definitely pop on your screen.


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Hipster Cafe: Builders at Sims

Recently, there was an article by Business Times mentioning popular eateries that are currently successful despite locating in “the red area”. This 32-seater hipster cafe serves French cuisines.

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Nostalgic Famous: Wan Dou Sek (126 Dim Sum)

In Cantonese, its name Wan Dou Sek sounds almost similar like its English name; 126 Dim Sum. That is a genius idea as it is easy for people to remember. Apart from that, another brilliant thing about this place  is that it is opened 24 hour, 7 days a week, affordable and reviewed to have satisfied customers who were served delicious tasting foods.


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Hidden Gem: The Skewers Bar

Just a little out of the way is an eatery serving Japanese cuisines. People lined up for over an hour waiting to be served. It is also mentioned in the Business Times article as Builders at Sims.

What else do these food places have in common? They are all within a 10 minute walk from our billboards.


Food Trail Blog Map - Sims

TPM Outdoor @ 121 Sims Avenue


TPM - 121 Sims Ave

TPM Outdoor @ 183 Sims Avenue


TPM - 183 Sim Avenue


In a nutshell, people from different classes do come and visit this area now and again. If you have any interest for advertising to a targeted audience, do drop us an email or a call!



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