Singapore’s Road into Phase 3 and How Businesses can Get Ready

With Phase 3 possibly arriving before the year ends, the time is now for businesses to prepare themselves.


Phase 3 is something many Singaporeans have been looking forward to, as many have been practicing safety measures. Singapore may be due to enter Phase 3 of its reopening by the end of 2020, and with that, several implementations may be revised. For instance, the group size limitation of five could be increased from five persons to eight persons. Capacity limits of congregational worship services and weddings can be held with up to 100 persons.


Preparing for Phase 3: Businesses 

These adjustments to capacity sizes might mean more people leaving their homes. With more people out and about, businesses stand to benefit a lot from the reopening. Now is the time for businesses to get ready and make sure they’re ready when the announcement is out. With all that said, what are some things they can do to get that head start? 



  • Get ready for the holiday season


Since Phase 3 may be implemented before the end of the year, this means that people will be out and about for the holiday season. Christmas, New Years’’ and even Chinese New Year are all-important festive periods that businesses can take advantage of.


To get ready for Phase 3 during the holiday season, businesses should prepare promotion deals. This includes basic 1-for-1 deals, packages, or even bundle deals like getting their Christmas patrons to come back for the New Year. Shoppers love to get good buys during this season and may be willing to fork out more money.


  • Manage capacity


Dining out during Phase 2. Image source: The Straits Times


As the maximum number of persons per group increases from five to eight, trades should remember to up their capacity as well. There will still be safe distancing measures in place.


Businesses should look not only to increase capacity for their holding abilities but as well as in terms of manpower. As many of them have been operating at limited sufficiency, it’s time to look into making sure that their staff is able to handle the upcoming surplus. 


  • Look further beyond


With Singapore being a key international and travel hub, the government is looking to gradually allow more travel to resume safely. This involves unilaterally opening borders and facilitating Air Travel Bubbles, allowing travelers from low-risk countries to enter Singapore with a COVID-19 test.


That said, businesses should look to expand their target market to incoming foreign travelers. Otherwise, they should look into advertising in transit media as consumers hop from one airport to another.



  • Market, Market, MARKETING!

Last but not least and probably the most important one of all, businesses need to engage in marketing! They really have to shout it out and let consumers know that there will be a certain package or promotion plan coming up.


McDonalds Advertisement on LED billboard (The Perfect Media)


Enterprises should engage in marketing to their customers using multimedia options. From social media, to Out-of-Home advertising, reaching out to the audience is a great step towards enticing them. Since people will be going outdoors more when Phase 3 comes, this is where Out-of-Home media becomes more important.


Hyperlocal Outdoor Advertisement. Image Source: Marketing Week


For instance, if a business is located inside a mall, they can opt to use outdoor media right outside the mall or around the area advertising their promotions. This way, if people are about to visit the mall for a meal, they may be enticed to drop by to look at sports equipment or visit the hair salon. It will also serve as both an introduction to those who are unfamiliar with the shop, as well as a reminder to others that the business is in operation!


Getting Ready for Outdoor Advertising in Phase 3


If you’re looking for a way to start advertising with Out-of-Home media, then look no further. The Perfect Media has various strategic locations that will maximize your reach and ensure your brand reaches the right millions. With our years of advertising experience, we are able to use our knowledge in out-of-home advertising for our clients’ success. Call us at +65 8812 0555 or email us at now!



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