Strategic Outdoor Advertising to fight scams


In recent years, scam cases have continued to rise as scammers find various ways to dupe unsuspecting victims out of their hard-earned money.


In a news release on Aug 26, the Singapore Police Force (SPF) said the increase in crime was primarily due to the rise in scam cases. Online scams saw a significant increase as Singaporeans stayed home and carried out more online transactions during the COVID-19 pandemic. The total number of reported crimes went up by 11.6 percent, reaching 18,121 cases in the first half of 2020 as compared to 16,240 cases reported during the same period in 2019.


Infographic of Rise In scams contributing to overall crime increase in first half of 2020. Source: Singapore Police Force


Public Education Efforts against Scams

Due to the situation, the Singapore Police Force (SPF) decided to work with The Perfect Media (TPM Outdoor) in raising awareness of scams by putting up 2 big outdoor advertisements at Geylang Serai and Lucky Plaza. This is in order to target both highly concentrated areas and their niche audience, the vulnerable group of our foreign worker friends in Singapore.


Such scams are really daring and we have worked with SPF in earlier campaigns to reach out to the general public. Our Outdoor Advertising locations are situated near popular remittance companies such as Zhongguo Remittance Pte. Ltd located in People’s Park Complex, Chinatown Singapore, and the many other smaller local companies in this shopping area, Golden Mile Shopping Centre, City Plaza, Lucky Plaza, Mustafa and etc.!


Singapore Police Force advertisement at Tanjong Katong Complex (The Perfect Media)


Singapore Police Force advertisement at Tanjong Katong Complex (The Perfect Media)



SPF chose Out-of-Home Media for short-term brand awareness advertising during the peak periods of the year-end to reach out to their target audience of foreign workers in Singapore. This Out-of-Home media is strategically located in the heart of Malay Village, facing the x-cross junction between Tanjong Katong Complex, One KM Mall and facing City Plaza.


Besides Tanjong Katong Complex, SPF chose to advertise in an area that is often patronized by foreign domestic workers in Lucky Plaza.


Lucky Plaza is a shopping centre located in Orchard Road, Singapore and its strategic location means a big crowd. Lucky Plaza gets very busy all the time, especially on Sundays when domestic workers are having their off days. They will socialize with each other or send money back to their families. In order to further reduce crowds, Lucky Plaza implemented odd and even date entry restrictions on weekends with effect from 29 August 2020.


Other frequent advertisers also reaching these foreigner domestic workers are telcos like M1, Singtel and Starhub. Singtel’s Dash has joined the game via Dash product providing both brick-and-mortar shop presence at Lucky Plaza, as well as mobile presence via app.


Singapore Police Force Advertisement @ Lucky Plaza (The Perfect Media)


Singapore Police Force Advertisement @ Lucky Plaza (The Perfect Media)


The Perfect Media (TPM Outdoor) offers outdoor advertising placements at strategic locations. These 2 sites per 2 locations are appropriate for SPF to reach their objective of the campaign in raising awareness.


The Perfect Media is here to help your brand reach the right millions by offering out-of-home advertising placements at the most impactful of locations! With years of experience, we are able to contribute and apply our knowledge in out-of-home advertising for our clients’ success. You may contact us here to learn more about our services and locations.



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