Strong APAC Ad Spend

Our marketing intern, Annabel, has been doing some detailed research and has unearthed some recent statistics on Asia Pacific Adpend and the media scene in some of our regional markets-

Elizabeth Low of Marketing Magazine notes that strong ad spending in Indonesia and China is expected despite a downgrade in APAC ad spend.

ZenithOptimedia reported a downgrade in Asia Pacific’s ad spend from 7.4% to 6.7%. However, despite this downgraded forecast, strong growth in Indonesia and China is expected to offset sluggish ad spend in other regions. Of these two countries, Indonesia is expected to pull in the biggest increase at 19.6%, outstripping China’s growth.
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According to Campaign (May 2012), Indonesia is the 4th most populated country with an increase in disposable income as a key driver. Consumers love to explore all the choices that are available to them, and in fact, a growing number of middle-class Indonesians are keen on stretching their economic muscle- on both foreign and locally branded goods! Similarly, according to the Credit Suisse 2011 Indonesia Consumer Survey, country consumption has reached 22% of its GDP, showing an enormous opportunity in a landscape that increasingly favours international brands. You could be one of those brands to cross international borders!
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Growth in Household Income
It takes two to tango. With consumers already keen on showing off their wealth through their expenditure, brands have to respond to this growing income by creating brand desire. It is most logical and cost efficient to focus on relevant target segments, and this is precisely what TPM offers our advertisers.
TPM is strong in the Indonesia Out-of-Home market. Through means such as large-scale billboards and airport advertising, our clients are assured that their advertisements are actively engaging the target consumers in a dynamic way.
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On another note, global ad expenditure is also forecasted to grow strong this 2012, picking up during this period for the Euro 2012 Football Championship, the Olympics, and the November US elections- expecting to pull in a whopping US$6.3 million altogether!
Euro 2012 Football Championships
Olympics 2012
November US 2012 Elections


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