Taking you Out-of-Home this Diwali

Deepavali this year is slightly different from usual, but one thing’s for sure: it’s still a festival of lights.


Photo of Deepavali 2020 decorations. Image Source: Karthigai Puu


The streets will always be lit up with decorations around this time every year in Little India. This year is no exception, thankfully.


With COVID-19 looming over our shoulders, this year was in dire need of some Light and Hope. Annual activities like the countdown concert, heritage and craft exhibition and festival village were mostly moved online. However, this street light-up remains as one of the things that can be enjoyed physically with family.


There are still other things that festival-goers can enjoy within the kilometer this Diwali. After a long time spent cooped up at home, a staycation at Hotel Boss would be a good way to keep walking distance to the celebrations. Otherwise, a trip down to Sim Lim Square to look at the latest cameras serving to capture memories would be called for. Finally, a walk-through Mustafa Centre where anyone can find just about anything is sure to be worth coming down for.


Distance from Mustafa Centre to Jalan Besar Plaza, Hotel Boss & Sim Lim Square


Out-of-Home Advertising while staying at home  

These annual events, e.g. Deepavali, are opportunities for marketers and advertisers to reach out to their target audience. It’s a great chance to utilise different media channels.


MCI advertisement at Jalan Besar (The Perfect Media)


A surprisingly effective way to advertise during Deepavali is through Out-of-Home advertising. Hundreds of thousands of people are out to enjoy the festive atmosphere, making billboard advertisements unmissable. Placing advertisements at key locations around Little India will grant a brand high reach and visibility.


During the Deepavali season, there are some things that rise in popularity and are competitively sought after. Buying gold is auspicious and believed to bring good fortune and prosperity, while ghee is used to light the diyas (lamps) and also used in festive cooking. This is the perfect time to be advertising to the masses.


For advertisers interested in maximising their reach at impactful locations, The Perfect Media offers outdoor media placement at various high visibility spots. These billboard placements at high traffic locations and landmarks are in close proximity to the Little India festivities: Hotel Boss, Mustafa Centre, 121 Sims Avenue, Jalan Besar and Sim Lim Square.


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MCI advertisement at Sim Lim Square (The Perfect Media)


If you were unable to advertise with us during this year’s Deepavali, fret not. The year is coming to an end soon and with that comes Christmas Day, the New Year and Chinese New Year, all opportunities to utilise outdoor advertising.


Even if you’re looking further beyond that, give us a call now. The Perfect Media is here to help your brand reach the right millions by offering out-of-home advertising placements at the most impactful of locations! With years of experience, we are able to contribute our knowledge in out-of-home advertising for your success.


TPG advertisement at Mustafa Centre (The Perfect Media)


If you’re heading down to Little India during this Deepavali festival, don’t forget to check out some favourite food spots including the famous Sakunthala’s Food Palace @ Syed Alwi, opposite our TPM billboard. For a taste of Bengali and Punjabi dishes, try out Mustard, just 2 minutes from Little India Station exit C. Lastly, those on the lookout for vegetarian dishes can seek out Gokul Vegetarian restaurant.



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