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How to create a branding campaign with a long-lasting impression? Advertising is an evolving industry that constantly searches for new ways to grab the attention of consumers. One of the most effective forms of advertising media channels is out-of-home / outdoor advertising, leveraging localization and shaping the perspectives of your segmented target audience, all concentrated within a region. The Heeren LED screen is the most prominent DOOH location in Orchard Road, Singapore, and is also 3D-creatively enabled, targeting shoppers, tourists, and business executives in the area with captivating creative artworks.

With the increase in large-format digital screens for outdoor advertising, advertisers now have more avenues to showcase video content. Video advertising is not only a visually appealing medium for engaging your viewers, but it is also one of the most creative and successful marketing methods for driving conversions. Digital out-of-home advertising (DOOH) is becoming advertisers’ go-to solution for branding campaigns and amplifying their online advertising campaigns for conversions.

Ad content is no longer limited to two-dimensional (2D or static); advertisers have executed beautiful three-dimensional (3D) ads on anamorphic content-enabled outdoor advertising LED screens. If you want to stand out from the crowd and achieve greater results, your videos need to have more than just a captivating b-roll. Including additional 2D and 3D animation in your brand’s video advertising is one way to boost your creative production.

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Take the Heeren 3D anamorphic LED screen as an example:

The Heeren DOOH is placed at a prime location right in the middle of Somerset and Orchard MRT Stations, a stretch where many choose to walk, shop, and dine instead of taking the train. At the busiest intersection of Orchard Road and Cairnhill Road, The Heeren 3D screen’s prominent position in a vibrant location ensures that it captures the gaze of a diverse audience, drawing fashion enthusiasts, shoppers, and passers-by alike.

Here are some of our past clients at The Heeren:

Botega Venetta


You are able to see the advertisement from not only one but two different angles.


The sweet spot for viewing 3D creatives on this screen is right at the junction in front of H&M’s flagship store on Orchard Road. The Heeren screen gets a captive audience from shoppers waiting to cross the road towards and from Takashimaya (313@Somerset), especially from 6 p.m. onwards when the brightly lit LED screen easily captivates passersby.

What is anamorphic advertising?

3D and 2D anamorphic commercials are significant for various reasons, including the fact that they provide new and interesting ways to engage with people and communicate messages. Here’s why they’re important in advertising:


 1. Visual Appeal

Anamorphic ads, whether 2D or 3D, have the ability to capture the attention of viewers rapidly. The forced perspective of visual effects piques the viewer’s interest and is great for showcasing products and experiences in a non-traditional video format, leveraging the screen’s structure or building to stand out. 

2. Audience Engagement

This unique approach to advertising not only enhances brand recognition but also encourages social sharing, as viewers are compelled to share their unique perspectives and experiences with their online communities on social media. Additionally, anamorphic advertising often blurs the line between art and marketing, making it an ideal strategy for brands looking to leave a lasting impression in a world saturated with traditional ad content.

3. Limitless Creativity

Anamorphic advertising allows advertisers (and their marketing team or agency) to unleash their creative potential and challenge conventional digital advertising norms. A good creative strategy that utilizes anamorphic content sets their campaigns apart from the competition.

For example, our most recent H&M client:

Leveraging on the 270 degree perspective of The Heeren DOOH screen and it’s strategic location right opposite the H&M Singapore flagship store at Orchard Road, they successfully launched the H&M Mugler campaign with stunning visuals that direct shoppers and passers-by into their store.

3D and 2D anamorphic advertisements are important in the advertising industry because they offer a unique, innovative, and entertaining way to reach out to viewers. They provide unique experiences, encourage consumer engagement, and are adaptable to a variety of marketing channels. Anamorphic commercials make brands stand out, build conversation, and leave a lasting impression on their target audience through their visual impact and ability to provoke curiosity.

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