How The Perfect Media is Handling the COVID-19 Pandemic

With most of the world in lockdown due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, The Perfect Media continues to work hard amidst it all. Times may be tough right now but our company continues to strive for excellence. 


Many businesses are faced with dilemmas which has caused them to implement plans on how they can continue to stay afloat. At The Perfect Media, we are happy to let our employees and clients know that business is still ongoing — it may not be as usual but we are striving to keep working hard.


Here are some plans and programs we have implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic to better serve our employees and our clients:


1. The Perfect Media continues to care for its clients

From our laptops and computers, our sales team has stayed in consistent contact with our numerous clients. Reassurance in these times is key which is why our team is constantly doing research and planning on how the Out-of-Home advertising industry can cope during these times.


The Perfect Media is also in contact with the government and authorities to stay updated with circuit breaker plans. In these times, we believe it is important to review long-term plans and have a thorough plan for our supply chains. It is important for us to help our clients plan the next steps for our current and future projects once lockdowns are lifted in regions where we have a heavy presence.


2. Encouraging e-learning and cross-training for our various teams

The Perfect Media E-Learning Sessions
Our hard working team members during an online e-learning session via Zoom


To maintain the high standards of our business SOPs, The Perfect Media holds various e-learning classes on Google Hangouts. With a wide range of topics on outdoor advertising, sales, marketing, production capabilities, and more, these e-learning classes have given our teams the opportunity for new learnings while also refreshing information we already know. 


Even in a work-from-home setup, it has given us a chance to work even closer with each other through post-e-learning discussions. Our discussions ensure that our team members have gained the necessary learnings in each class so that they are always prepared to conquer every situation.


3. The Perfect Media heightens its planning and research for the future

The Perfect Media has done extensive research to be able to forecast the future of our business and industry. We are also doing research on other business industries and how they are evolving during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Our scope of research also includes consumer trends and demands during this time. Moreover, we are also keeping ourselves updated regarding local news of various countries and regions to better understand how each region’s government is handling the pandemic. It is important to learn the current news and future plans of each region to know how we can handle resuming normal operations in the near future.


4. Staying positive during these times

The world is in an uncertain standstill which has become an unsettling experience for many. At The Perfect Media, we continue to spread positivity to be able to handle the pandemic on a better note. We are giving our continuous support to our clients and team members to reassure them that these times will pass and operations will resume at the right and able time.


In conclusion, here at The Perfect Media, we have always given the utmost importance to quality work for our clients and our team. We are working together to be able to resume our operations in a smooth manner as soon as possible and we are here to listen to your concerns. Contact us today to see how The Perfect Media can help your business during this time!



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