TPM Outdoor’s I-Screen Creative Collection

TPM Outdoor’s I-Screen

TPM Outdoor formulated an excellent way to ensure that outdoor advertising is very appealing that the audience will not only take notice but will be impressed. This will create better brand recall and generate better sales conversion.


You might wonder, is it possible to create captivating and appealing outdoor advertising without breaking your budget?  Yes, it is.


The I-screen Creative Collection


TPM Outdoor presents the I-screen Creative Collection as a form of outdoor advertising that can have the limitless capability as to how it can be displayed.  The I-Screen is just as a simple black digital screen that can be executed creatively to suit any brand to wow the audience.  The black screen turns to be a digital screen that can be dressed up in many ways.

So, what are these executions?

The TPM Outdoor I-Screen Creative Collection

1. The Single Screen

The single screen can be used as a standee with a height of 195 cm and width of 76.4 cm.  The Screen is approximately 128 cm in height and 72 cm in width.  Looking at the example of a Tokopedia brand, the TPM Outdoor dressed it up in an attractive color following the branding of the product, added some 3-dimensional name and the logo which looks like being attached on its side.  Once the digital screen is turned on, the standee is becoming more attractive and the vivid images can surely capture the attention of the audience.

2. The Dual Screen

If a single screen is smaller for your brand,  there is also a dual screen which came from two single-screen attached to each other for a bigger sized outdoor advertising.  Standing for 200 centimeters and as wide as 143 centimeters, the dual screen is looking bigger and more attractive and can offer clearer texts even for an audience in some distance.

3. Video Wall Screen

The Wall Screen is 4 times bigger and definitely offers more possibility in setting up.  With 4 screens, the wall screen can stand 230 centimeters and as wide as 286 cm – definitely 4 times the impact and 4 times the attractiveness.

The large video wall is great for creating an instagrammable backdrop which the audience can take an exciting selfie and even groufie.  Now, that is working more than 4 times because if it is posted on Instagram, the brand can reach millions of audiences in a short period.

4. Dimensional Screen

If you think that the video wall is greater than ever, there is also a dimensional set up which can have the limitless possibility in reaching as many audiences because the creative setup can reach all the audience in its 360 degrees capture.  Now, that is working smart.


Why do you need to advertise on our I-Screen Outdoor?

Bright, Dynamic, and Eye-Catching Standing Screens

The TPM Outdoor I-Screen Creative Collection in Indonesia Office


Convertible to 1 large video wall (set of 4) for a bigger impact

The I-screen Creative Collection 4 video wall in Indonesia


Moveable to any location


Extendable to an informational booth or directional signage

The I-screen Creative Collection informational booth style inspiration


Suitable for event backdrops, immediate campaign launches (updates to respond to current events), and show screenings

The TPM Outdoor I-screen Creative Collection style inspiration for instagrammable backdrop


Interchangeable between Vertical (detached) or Horizontal display

The TPM Outdoor I-screen Creative Collection style for Tokopedia at various airport


And there’s more:

  • With warranty
  • Multiple contents with the flexibility of replacing content seamlessly
  • Many possible creative digital screen execution

Let us maximize your outdoor advertising investment

It only takes a simple black digital screen and creativity of the TPM outdoor Team to come up with captivating and attention-grabbing outdoor advertising without spending on high cost.  The I-screen offers clear, crisp, and vivid image display with a higher pixel dimension.  The digital display has audio enable as well which are perfect for any audio and visual presentation of the brand.  The investment is sure to be maximized because of its higher return.

And just when you think that these are all we can do, there is one thing that we level up on the creativity.

We dressed it up!


We make it instagrammable!

The TPM Outdoor I-screen Creative Collection style for Tokopedia with Props

We make it shareable to social media!

The TPM Outdoor I-screen Creative Collection style for Tokopedia at various airport 2

Why do you need to team up with the TPM Outdoor?

We work with simplicity, speedy, and sharpness.  We ensure that our 500+ clients meet their objectives in getting outdoor advertising.  We make the 150 eye-catching outdoor media sites worked 24 hours a day effectively by helping boost the sales of the brand.  Our partners from 20 cities from the 12 countries that we have a presence in is an indication that we can be trusted with the brand campaign for outdoor advertising.

Simply, we are the creative outdoor that THINK.



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