Top 28 Famous 3D Digital Screen That Will Wow You

Imagine walking through the city and being captivated by a realistically Creative 3D advertisement that stands out from the crowd. These creative billboards not only catch your eye but will also Boost Brand Visibility and Engagement. Explore with us as we uncover 2024 The Top Most Famous 3D Billboards around the world.

Starting with The Famous Shinjuku 3D Naked-Eye Billboard in Japan.

The Dragon Ball series by Toei Animation which animated many other popular anime titles like Sailor Moon and One Piece is perfectly displayed on this 3D Holographic Outdoor Digital Screen, just outside the Shinjuku Station. Attracting far more attention than people realize. The renowned Dragon Ball Z series has reclaimed its title as the world’s most in-demand legacy series, beating out some of the most popular titles globally, regardless of medium or genre.

But why is this 3D Holographic projection Screen so popular in Japan?

You may have seen this cat before. Shinjuku in Tokyo is a hotspot, drawing crowds from around the world to witness the famous 3D calico cat displayed on a billboard near the east exit of Shinjuku Station, which had gained popularity on social media ahead of the Olympics.

One Piece Advertising in Shinjuku 3D Naked-Eye Holographic Digital Screen featuring the main protagonist Luffy. One Piece’s other achievement in Crunchyroll Anime Awards 2024. The anime and manga series earned further acclaim at the 2024 Crunchyroll Anime Awards. One Piece took home Best Continuing Series, while Monkey D. Luffy, the main protagonist of this anime series, won the Best Main Character award.

“Habiulu Shibuya Vision” Outdoor Vision System. This 3D Out Home Screen can produce not only two-dimensional images but also three-dimensional 3D effects. This creative Anamorphic is located just a minute walk from Shibuya Station, across from SHIBUYA109. Located in a prime location, just a minute’s walk from Shibuya Station, this site will appeal to a wide range of passersby on Bunkamura Street and is expected to have a high advertising effect.

This Realistic High Visibility LED Advertisement is shown on the 3D Anamorphic screen that’s located at Shibuya Center Street, Japan. Tourist coming to Japan specifically comes to visit and watch this 3D Digital Screen for its realistic and immersive advertisement. To catch a glimpse of the panda, just wait until you see the animation of a casino slot machine – the panda will show up after the machine hits the jackpot.

The panda is quite adorable and does a few things like turning a knob that adjusts the size of the box it sits in. It also plays with a bamboo branch and stares at passersby.

The incredibly Creative 3D dog named Hachi appeared on a massive 3D advertising billboard in Shibuya crossing, Japan. The screen itself is high-definition, with a high contrast ratio to show this furry animal leaping across screens. You’ll see the charming Akita inu perform a few antics like catching a frisbee and popping out of the clock. The video is scheduled to play at the beginning of every hour, so time your visit accordingly.

You can catch the show from various spots around Shibuya Station, including Hachiko-mae Square, the Miyamsuzaka intersection, and Shibuya Scramble Crossing. If you want to see the billboards from a higher vantage point, make your way to one of the higher floors in Shibuya Hikarie.

As a leading fashion information district, many people visit from neighboring stations. This High Visibility and Brand awareness 3D Digital screen of Burberry is located in Omotesando, Tokyo Japan! The realistic animation can delight fans of this series, and propaganda the videos much better! The Perfect Media had done an amazing campaign with Audemars Piguet at this exact location! Check it out,

Audemars Piguet and The Perfect Media 2023 October Campaign

Audemars Piguet and The Perfect Media 2023 September Campaign

With Audemars Piguet flashy visuals and the gigantic 3D Holographic Digital Screen, it is guaranteed to catch many viewers’ attention and high chance of brand awareness to not just locals but tourist as well!

Change Vision in Tokyo, Japan. This 3D Digital Advertising Screen is in Japan, Harajuku, Tokyo. Near the entrance to Takeshita Street in Harajuku, back Harajuku where many Gen Z and fashion-conscious people gather.

This 3D Creative, motion Anamorphic Naked-Eye Billboard is Located on the main street of Matsuyama, which is said to be the busiest downtown area in the prefecture with many restaurants.

Henessy at lankwai fong 3d digital screen

The Lan Kwai Fong 3D Holographic Screen is the first 3D Branded Visualization on the Largest 4K Curve Digital LED Screen in Hong Kong.

AIAPA at lankwai fong 3d digital screen

The first naked-eye 3D advertising in the insurance industry, creating a vivid effect of flowers, plants, and trees growing vigorously in the downtown area of ​​Central Hong Kong, bringing out AIAPA’s courage to break through and open up new fields.

This is 2024 world’s largest skyscraper dragon, the auspicious dragon holds its head high, everything is new, and the dragon’s land brings great blessings! Located at Ximending – Exit 3 of Ximending MRT, adjacent to the square next to Section 1 of Zhonghua Road. The MidTown Richardson Hotel offers the most personalized service in our comfortable living space with the city’s most convenient transportation routes. 

Located at Shilin Night Market – in Taipei, Taiwan, this 3D Anamorphic Billboard wowed  Viewers in Taiwan. Many Locals and tourists stood awed at the cuteness of this Shilin Tiger 3D Anamorphic Screen Advertisement as it plays out.

Located in one of the busiest shopping districts in Kaohsiung. This 3D, Full-motion, Digital Anamorphic screen is at Taiwan’s E-Sky Mall. Kaohsiung takes the lead in Taiwan, setting up the only naked-eye 3D screen in Taiwan. Kaohsiung has surpassed Taipei in its technological application on the exterior of the building. Taipei currently has no naked-eye 3D screens, and it lags behind Kaohsiung in terms of technological innovation.

Crunchyroll advertises at Singapore Ten Square Landmark of Good Realistic 3D Digital screen featuring Award Winning one piece Series by Toei Animation.

New York City may have Times Square 3D Digital Screen, but Singapore may not be far behind, with the realistic 3D projection screen at Singapore Ten Square landmark of good. 

Located near popular schools such as LASELLE, KAPLAN and NAFA, Ten Square Singapore, known as the landmark of good, is a massive screen towering over all who pass by it. But what sets it apart from the regular billboards you see around town is how Ten Square comes with a distinct goal–to platform initiatives that aid the community by literally projecting it on the big screen.

Saint Laurent at The Heeren by the perfect media

hsbc mastercard at the heeren by the perfect media

The Heeren 3D Realistic Digital Screen playing Saint Lauren and HSBC Mastercard by The Perfect Media. This is a L-shaped outdoor advertising screen that upgraded to a 3D anamorphic screen, thanks to the corner design, screen quality, and most importantly, its strategic location. It is in central Singapore, orchard which is a 2.2km one-way street that stretches from Tanglin Road and Grange Road to Dhoby Ghaut. Its underground infrastructure includes underground pedestrian walkways connecting different malls, both beneath Orchard Road and other streets in the vicinity. It is Singapores top few 3D Digital screen to advertise on.

Samsung at the heeren by the perfect media

The Heeren Mall underwent extensive renovations, transforming its retail podium into a glass jewelry box to highlight department store merchandise and activities. A significant addition is the installation of Singapore’s popular 3D Projectile digital screen, making The Heeren Mall a sought-after advertising location. Samsung notably chose to showcase its advertisements on this lifelike Out-Of-Home Realistic 3D Anamorphic Digital Screen in Singapore.

You can see this Tri 3D Anamorphic Creative Advertising Screen when you enter the Siam center or Paragon located in Bangkok, Thailand. With Bangkok’s increasing tourism advertisements placed at these Advertising screen guarantees high brand visibility. 

This 3D Billboard is located in Shenzhen, China. The advertisement is for the launch of the Vivo X80 in Shenzhen, the creators designed this advertising billboard with gorgeous 3D content.

A massive digital display located in the heart of the KL Golden Triangle, featuring stunning 3D and anamorphic content capabilities.

This digital screen, strategically located at the busy traffic light intersection of Jalan Ampang, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, and Jalan P. Ramlee has the potential to reach a large audience of corporate leaders, trendy shoppers, tech-savvy locals, and international tourists.

First pride at pavilion, malaysia

Pavilion KL, known for luxury and elegant architecture, features a striking 3D Billboard at its main entrance along Jalan Bukit Bintang, drawing high car and pedestrian traffic. During the Chinese New Year, a captivating 3D golden bull activation. Aired on the Pavilion Elite giant LED screen, the largest screen in Bukit Bintang, Malaysia’s shopping hub, the first-of-its-kind 3D show has already gone viral on social media not only in Malaysia but around the world.

The bull symbolizes people confined because of COVID-19 lockdowns. This creative marketing aims to foster positivity in 2021 and support efforts against COVID-19.

Located in the heart of London’s West End, the world-famous Piccadilly Lights have been upgraded! The new twist to Piccadilly Lights are the breathtaking full-screen dominations, occurring every 10 minutes, where each of the brands takes over the whole screen for 40 seconds.

Introducing the spectacular Times Square 3D Billboard, showcasing the highly anticipated award-winning series “House of the Dragon” by HBO! Winning 9 Primetime Emmy award nomination HBO advertises House of Dragon Series ‌square which is a cultural hub full of theaters, music halls, and upscale hotels. Brands from all over the world can rent large screens to present their ideas and messages. As the center of the world of outdoor advertising and digital billboards, Times Square in New York has captured the attention of many advertisers with its huge screens, superior location, and dense crowds.

Located in Shinsegae, the contents illusionary expands its LED display volume so that the audience feel the real three-dimensional object is floating in the air.

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