Top Myths of Outdoor Advertising Debunked: Part II

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Relating back to our OOH Myths Part I, there are several different types of outdoor media. Depending on the size and usage, obviously the prices vary as well.


People often think that digital or print media is much more effective or less expensive. However, what people do not understand are risks such as fraud, privacy, ad blocking and more. How often do we click on a popup ad to go to its website as compared to clicking on its close window button? How often do we remain seated when the television changes to product / business related advertisement as compared to going to the washroom or switching to other channels? And how often do we purchase regular subscription for newspapers and magazines as compared to checking out the latest news on social media?


As opposed to digital or print media, outdoor advertising is unavoidable. Not only do outdoor creative visuals catch consumers’ attention, large format billboards which are placed strategically at specific locations are also sending subliminal messages to all passers by. If you walk pass the same billboard everyday whilst going to school or work, chances are you are already influenced. This means that your advertisement is probably seen by hundreds or thousands each day and depending on your total duration of display, the longer the better.


When you divide the amount you invested with the number of total reach, outdoor media is actually one of the least expensive form of advertising. Thus, debunking the myth that OOH media is expensive. Below are some of our media that has achieved its objective in advertising.


Nike at Queensway Shopping Centre
Nike at Queensway Shopping Centre


Queensway Shopping Centre is already known as a sports hub. However, it certainly helps that when consumers reach there to get their sporting needs, they are already going in with Nike in the back of their minds. To add on, this location is strategically facing the x-junction, thus, able to target the vehicular traffic as well.


Nike at Queensway Shopping Centre X-Junction
Nike at Queensway Shopping Centre X-Junction


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