How Tourism and Out-of-Home Advertising Positively Impact a Nation

Tourism and Out-of-Home Advertising

How does tourism and Out-of-Home Advertising help a nation?


In 2018, the Philippines broke their record of the number of foreign visitors visiting the country. From 6.6 million foreign visitors in 2017, it increased to 7.1 million foreign visitors in the previous year. The Philippines’ “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” advertising campaign, which began in 2012, has been a major contributor to this continuous record-breaking feat.


The Philippines' tourism campaign finds itself at Marienplatz in Munich, Germany
The Philippines’ tourism campaign finds itself at Marienplatz in Munich, Germany


Nowadays, Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing have become the trends to attract the attention of consumers. But in the Philippines’ case, they made an effective trend outside the new norm by maximizing their Out-of-Home (OOH) Advertising opportunities. In different parts of the Philippines and the world, the slogan “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” has gotten the attention of many due to its vibrant and inviting concept.


The campaign creates exciting twists to daily routines
The campaign creates exciting twists to daily routines


The campaign has seen itself partner with different organizations and tourism companies to bring the Philippine experience to the rest of the world. Interactive booths and moving trams heightened the visibility of the campaign. The ads have even been featured at famous tourist destinations in other cities and countries. An example of OOH Advertising for the campaign was to display its breathtaking billboards and set up an information booth at London’s Waterloo Station. The station is known as one of London’s busiest railway stations, garnering more than 250,000 foot traffic on a daily basis in 2016/2017.


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“It’s More Fun in the Philippines” arrives at London’s Waterloo Station


The best return to have come out of the campaign is how it has helped the Philippines’ economy tremendously. In 2018, the contribution of tourism to the Philippine economy was 12.7 percent. Meanwhile, tourism industries and activities’ gross value amounted to 2.2 trillion Philippine pesos. Inbound tourism expenditure by foreign visitors even amounted to 441.4 billion Philippine pesos. Employment in the country also saw an increase with the creation of new jobs in the booming tourism sector.


Besides attracting foreign visitors, the campaign’s success also increased Filipinos’ appreciation for their own country. Domestic tourism expenditure increased by 21 percent, amounting to 3.2 trillion Philippine pesos. The campaign’s visibility, concept, and message allowed its countrymen to learn about the beauty of their own soil. Positive reactions from the breathtaking advertisements also made Filipinos become more curious about their own.


8 years on, “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” continues to become a strong campaign especially in OOH Advertising. Breaking yearly tourism records and expanding the campaign in more foreign cities are just a few of the leading reasons why it has remained. And each year, the numbers only continue to grow. 


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Even countries in the Asia-Pacific Region know the importance of OOH Advertising. The APAC region’s OOH Advertising sales amounted to 13 billion US dollars and have evolved along with the changes in digital technology. The evolution of tourism and OOH Advertising in the APAC region have only possessed great results. 


Taiwan’s tourism department partnered with India’s top 20 tour operators to increase the number of Indian visitors to their country. The campaign was launched for a month across different OOH Advertising placements such as shopping malls and cinemas. This motivated Taiwan to make efforts in making English an official language in their country to attract more Indian tourists. One of these efforts involve translating public signages to English. 


TPM Outdoor has worked with Taiwan’s Tourism Board and the Tourism Authority of Thailand in Singapore to further attract tourists to their country. Billboards by Taiwan’s Tourism Board and the Tourism Authority of Thailand were plastered at People’s Park Complex, a mixed-use building located at Chinatown and Singapore’s central business district. This location offers exposure to locals, expats, and tourists who frequent the building for its shops, living spaces, events, activities, and communal spaces.


Billboard of Taiwan Tourism Board at People's Park Complex, Singapore
Billboard of Taiwan Tourism Board at People’s Park Complex, Singapore


OOH Advertising has even helped small islands like Batam, one of the 3,000 islands part of Indonesia’s Riau Archipelago. TPM Outdoor’s partnerships with tourism companies encouraged the growth and development of this island which is very close to Singapore. Their campaign included advertisements at ferries and ferry terminals to attract Indonesians and Singaporeans to Batam. Since then, Batam has seen an increase in business investments from Singapore, China, Japan, India, and Malaysia.


Brands like Singtel have looked to putting OOH advertisements at Batam’s ferries and ferry terminals. Singtel’s partnership with TPM Outdoor encourages travelers to avail of their prepaid services when they travel from Indonesia to Singapore. 


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Singtel advertisements found on ferries with routes from Batam to Singapore
Singtel advertisements found on ferries with routes from Batam to Singapore


Singapore’s Tourism Board has also maximized digital OOH media by placing interactive digital billboards around Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. This is in part of their Passion Made Possible campaign which has found itself being advertised through OOH media in many other areas. Their goal is to market Singapore as an exciting destination to Australia’s working individuals between the ages of 25 to 49 years old.


With the rise of travel and tourism, putting up OOH advertisements at airports, ferry terminals, and other tourist destinations have become very effective. These prime locations are where tourists take their first steps into their destinations. Brands’ advertisements at these locations are the first ones they encounter on their trip. This gives great impact and influence on tourists’ decisions for the rest of their stay.


From the cases mentioned above, it is without a doubt that tourism and OOH Advertising positively impacts countries who believe in its power. The influence and visibility of tourism advertisements has encouraged consumers to visit these countries. Little do they know, their motivation from OOH advertisements helps in bringing more jobs and financial growth to their chosen destination. 

Despite the rise of social media and digital advertisements, Out-of-Home Advertising is still very relevant in our world today. That’s why it’s important to take our eyes off our smartphones and take a look at the world around us from time to time to absorb the different advertisements surrounding us. When you do, maybe you’ll find yourself relaxing by the ocean or appreciating another culture. And more than that, you’ll also create a positive impact to your dream destination’s economy.


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