Tourism with Wonderful Indonesia 2018

With about 18000 islands making up the entire Indonesian archipelago, every island has its own places of interests and attractions with subtle differences in its cultures. Consequently, Indonesia has always been popular amongst tourists to explore a multitude of activities on each unique island, which the Indonesian Tourism Ministry has capitalised on for tourism revenue. To attract tourists, the Indonesian Tourism Ministry requires the introduction of many short campaigns during peak seasons to maximise their outreach to potential tourists. Thus, they have looked to us for our strategic media spaces that we could provide for both great visibility and high tourist footfall.


With the increase in number of tourist destinations globally to generate tourism revenue, it has been an increasing challenge for Indonesia to establish a media presence amongst other world-renowned attractions. Even though Indonesia has a rich cultural background and geography that certainly serves as unique selling points for tourists, effective marketing channels are required to communicate her selling points for tourists’ awareness at the top of their minds. In addition, Indonesia has to be proactive in their promotions of their campaigns so that potential tourists could be consistently reminded of the available attractions in Indonesia.


We have helped in providing outdoor advertising spaces at areas around Harbourfront Centre that has an International Seaport where groups of potential tourists heading southbound towards Indonesia can easily notice. Harbourfront Centre Ferry Terminal is one of the ferry terminals that has the highest influx of tourists towards Indonesia by sea. As a result, we have placed collection of beautiful photographs depicting Indonesia’s cultural richness and natural geographical landscapes to build a strong brand awareness of the “Wonderfull Indonesia” Tourism Campaign.


The OOH advertisements across Harbourfront Centre’s Seaport provides perfect targeting of tourists en route to Indonesia, thus increasing the brand exposure of the Wonderfull Indonesia Campaign. Some pictures are as shown below:


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