InsightsTPM Batam’s Creative Use of Escalator Sides

TPM Batam’s Creative Use of Escalator Sides

Creative ambient displays done on escalator sides at Nagoya Hill, a high-end mall in Batam Indonesia. These ambient displays feature all the new phones and services by the local telecommunications provider – Telkomsel.


STORM_escalator NH_2


Peronally, I feel the layout of these creatives also make use of the unique space of the escalator sides very well. Clear strong wording and length-wise use of brand slogans and images, all of which are concentrated in the centre part of the escalators.


PEDE_escalator NH_1


The media and the creative layout are all attributed to our local team in TPM, Batam. Nice job!


KARTU AS_escalator NH_4

Iphone_escalator NH_3


Date Spotted: May 2009
Location: Nagoya Hill, Batam

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