Trivision Displays (3 Message Displays)

The trivision display, or the 3 message (three message) display, is an established form of outdoor advertising display. It is well known for its cost and space efficiency benefits as its single space can display 3 different messages. This is very good for advertisements that wish to feature more than 1 benefit or product attribute to the audience.

The trivision display uses mechanical technology to create movement to the display. This is a cost efficient from of visual attraction for passers-by who have grown increasingly immune to the clutter from static display. Compared to expensive forms of digital outdoor displays such as plasma screens, trivision display will not give the media site owner investor dead pixels or electronic failures that will require complete overhaul of equipment.

Unfortunately, many also regard trivision displays as outdated. These people do not prioritize the media site owners’ or their clients’ need for budget management. Cheap definitely does not mean bad quality.

In fact, just 2 weeks ago on 22 Apr 07, a trivsion display was spotted at an upscale fashion store in Singapore. It was used as an indoor display, just above the cashier counter. While customers wait to pay, they will be inevitably attracted to the moving visual just at eye-level to them. Perhaps it helps to remove the cognitive dissonance that the customers feel just before paying for an item which is so expensive but so deceptively plain?

Our TPM team also completed a recent change of visual for the trivision at the Thai Embassy – along Orchard Road, for the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT).

Interestingly, trivision displays do not need to be flat and rectangular shaped only. We have collected some creative executions using curved and circular trivisions. Although pricier, these curved and circular trivision displays use the belt rather than the wave system (Oops, we getting technical here. Do contact us directly for further details on the technical aspects. TPM Outdoor Productions is experienced to install and maintain both form of technologies produced in Sweden and China etc)

I rather you enjoy the following creative executions for circular trivision displays. When coupled with some great 3D ideas, these circular displays become very interesting for those servicing alcohol, beverages and dairy product clients.

A wine bottle can then feature up to 3 labels or a can shaped display can advertise for 3 variations ie. Maybe Coca-Cola classic, Coke Light and Coke Zero!



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