Vietnam Airline’s Vision: Reaching Further, Flying Higher

Vietnam Airlines is a national flag carrier that was established in 1993. The national carrier has been in a growth and expansion mode since the early 2010s. Their target is to become the second-largest airline in Southeast Asia by 2020, operating 84 routes to 45 international destinations.

Vietnam Airlines is getting ready for growth following the government’s more relaxed travel policies. They are also seeing increased interest in Vietnam as a trade partner and holiday destination in Asia and Europe. In June 2010, they became the first Southeast Asian airline to join the SkyTeam alliance. Vietnam Airlines also became the first Asian carrier to operate Airbus’ latest NextGen aircraft and the second airline in the world to fly an aircraft with the registration number A350XWB.

TPM Outdoor is excited to be part of Vietnam Airlines’ growth plans. Vietnam Airlines has partnered with us for its outdoor marketing campaign in fast-growing Asian markets like Myanmar, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Laos.

This outdoor campaign is an extension of their global “Reach Further” campaign to ‘globalize’ Vientam’s national flag carrier. Vietnam Airlines has chosen outdoor advertising as an effective medium.

Outdoor advertising not only offers creative, broad exposure to a large and diverse audience, but billboards, transit ads, and posters are strategically placed in high-traffic areas, ensuring that a substantial number of people see the messages. This makes it ideal for creating brand awareness.

Outdoor advertising is typically non-intrusive and allows viewers to engage at their convenience, making it more appealing to consumers.

Additionally, it increases creativity in brand consideration by reaching out to its core target audience, namely business travelers and tourists who are in the mode of travel or transit. The campaign has a simple but impactful message “World-Class Dining”, translated into six local languages.

The project brief involved advertising across six countries using outdoor media at strategic locations such as billboards, in-train videos, and lightboxes at train stations and airports. Thi Do, TPM Outdoor’s Regional Sales Head, championed the project, which took around two months to complete. It was a challenging task considering the coordination required among the representatives across six countries.

We look forward to seeing the brand consideration for Vietnam Airlines to “reach further” and soaring in these markets!

Myanmar just announced that starting in December 2016, people from Singapore and Myanmar can visit each other’s country for up to 30 days without visas. This might lead to more countries getting similar visa exemptions, which could mean more people traveling for both business and leisure!

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