InsightsWatch an ad and get a free cup of coffee – Medicafe/ WillB Inc.

Watch an ad and get a free cup of coffee – Medicafe/ WillB Inc.

Hey – more free food again!

But you’ll only benefit from this if you are in Japan for the time being. Jointly launched by Apex-Corp and advertising agency WillB Inc, thirsty Japanese will soon be able to enjoy a coffee or other non-alcoholic beverages at a low price or even free! This is on condition if they watch a 30-second advertisement on the vending machines.

The companies aim to generate about 400 million yen through the project in the year from June.

Not a new concept, as e-zines such as Wired Online and Sloan offer full articles on the same condition that the reader watch a 30 second advertisement online. But first time outdoor, and launched on such a scale. Apex-Corp runs 35,000 vending machines across Japan and will start this service next month. These vending machines are well-located at public places – supermarkets, hospitals, schools etc

I think this is very fitting since Japan is the capital of vending machines – besides the usual drinks and snacks, you can buy cigarettes, batteries, condoms, umbrellas, DVDs and even fresh hot French fries. No new learning curve for the target market.

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