Insights Why Are Self Storage Spaces The New Necessity in Singapore?
Why Are Self Storage Spaces The New Necessity in Singapore?

Why Are Self Storage Spaces The New Necessity in Singapore?

Life post-pandemic is distinct from the life that was witnessed during the pandemic. Post-pandemic has changed the lifestyles of many people. While it became a norm to work from home during the pandemic, the post-pandemic is a mixture of 

  • WFH – Work From Home still 
  • WIO – Work in Office
  • Hybrid of the above and in fact, creating the Work from Anywhere

One of the industries that soared in popularity during and post-Pandemic is the Self Storage Spaces industry in Singapore which has benefited from the following:

1.Start of the pandemic – when everyone suddenly transited into WFH and Home based Leaning (HBL) and new workspaces and study tables had to be created in a short time for young families. People used Self Storage Spaces in Singapore to create new spaces at home 

2.Post-pandemic and new working arrangements – while School has resumed, the need for Home Based Learning has not disappeared completely but is on standby. The work environment remains fluid, especially with the upcoming tripartite push for The Tripartite Standard on Flexible Work Arrangements (TS-FWA) upcoming in 2023. Should we remove the extra furniture bought, or should we keep it? Will WFH return with the changing situations of the pandemic? Just self-store for now ok?

3.The global movement of talent – with expiates returning home after a long time overseas without travel options, and the exchange of global talent leaving their homes to work overseas, there is now a need for temporary storage solutions while being in transit in and out of Singapore. In addition, post-Pandemic trends of WFA or digital nomads are here to stay. Talents can now work remotely on a long-term basis, from cities like Bali, Batam, Bintan, and Johor Bahru while coming back to Singapore for key events. So temporary storage solutions are required since the cost of maintaining 2 homes is too high!

4.The need for Personal Space at home for Work, Live, and Personal relaxation – Could there be a time whereby there was more activity than now in the property markets? With the skyrocketing demand for rental homes and upgraded properties in Singapore, I was hearing everyone talk about either buying or selling their homes. If people were not buying or selling, then they were then renovating and recreating their current homes. It is a clear sign that post-Pandemic, people value personal space and bigger rooms for different purposes of work, living and relaxation. Self Storage Spaces services provide short-term storage solutions for those looking to upgrade their living arrangements or spaces to renovate their houses. Such individuals need a place to store their belongings during the relocation time. 

5.Family changes – the term Covid babies are real! It seems that the slowing down in lifestyles and the more time spent at home has also helped many families with their plus one. 

6.Re-opening of businesses – many businesses had to go on temporary hiatus during the Pandemic and a lot of the equipment was put into storage solutions. These included wedding events, AV equipment for karaoke and concerts and even F&B businesses that were going through periods of boom and bust. 

The Rise of Storage Companies in Singapore! 

Keeping in view the popularity of short-term storage rentals in Singapore, many companies are promoting their unique selling points and marketing their services using Out of Home Advertising (OOH). Some popular short-term storage space companies are described below: 

•       Storefriendly

Storefriendly takes pride in providing self-storage spaces to individuals in Singapore, allowing them to accommodate all their extra belongings and unused stuff in their storage units. They attract consumers by offering 2 months free storage facility. Storefriendly takes pride in its modern storage facility that provides increased security, free wifi, and 24/7 access. 

•       Vallen Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Vallen provides Automated Storage Solutions. It is proud to add technological advancement to storage units to allow you to minimize picking time and errors. It offers maximum traceability and saves your storage space. 

•       Beam Space 

Beam Space believes in smarter storage with its distinct package. It allows you to pay per item starting from 4$ per item. It also has the option for Free Pickup! Beam Space is an affordable short-term storage solution for individuals that need to store a small number of items. Affordable & Flexible Storage Space Prices in Singapore.

•       Mandarin Self Storage 

Founded in Being a leader in the self-storage industry in Asia Pacific, its founder, Mr. Miller strongly believes in, “Sticking to what you know” thus creating the Big Orange Self Storage in Singapore and Hong Kong. Using orange colours, and catchy branding, Mandarin Storage became one of the biggest Self Storage companies in Asia by value and was successfully sold to Capitaland in 2013.

•       Extra Storage 

Voted Singapore’s Best Self-Storage 2018 – 2022, Extra Storage has ten different branches across Singapore from Ang Mo Kio, Boon Keng, Eunos Link, IMM Building, Kallang Way (MacPherson), Marymount (Bishan), Toa Payoh, Toh Guan (Jurong East), West Coast (Toh Tuck), Woodlands. Extra Storage has all the basic and top-notched self-storage services. They also have full service from the management, in-house packing, transporting and storing of your luggage.

Rising Competition Between Storage Solutions Providers – Opportunity for Singapore locals to select the most suitable Storage Solution Company!

The popularity of self-storage space Singapore has also increased the competition between short-term storage solution providers. Some companies target businesses, while others target consumers. Some provide solutions such as consolidators or peer-to-peer such as Space Next Door. What is common in all storage solution companies is their ability to popularize their service and spread brand awareness and lock in the customer. Their marketing and advertising strategies appeal to people differently, allowing them to select a storage company that best suits their needs. 

Storefriendly also opted for a unique outdoor advertising strategy by choosing the Bukit Merah location to make its presence felt by the consumers. 

The Right Location Makes the Difference – Storefriendly at Bukit Merah and Billboard at Queensway 

Storefriendly chose the Bukit Merah location as the ideal location for its brand’s new branch. After launching their new branch in the Bukit Merah area, it was essential for Storefriendly to reach out to the surrounding areas to attract consumers. Therefore, they chose the billboard location at Queensway Shopping Centre. The benefits of choosing the OOH as the right media: 

1.Location Location Location! This location is opposite the sores of complementary brands like furniture solutions such as the nearby Scanteak, Lim’s, and of course the famous Ikea Alexandra. These companies sell storage solutions such as cupboards and plastic stackable boxes. However, they do not solve the real storage solution i.e. the need for extra space. That is where Storefriendly comes in with its tshort term storage rental Singapore

2.Housing developments in the area: This ideal location is where there are numerous new property launches and redevelopments. It allows Storefriendly to reach its targeted audience from residential buildings and businesses in Tanglin Halt to the new condominiums and developments in Holland Village, Sterling Road, and Queen’s Road areas. Also, located in the heart of Queensway, it is also close to populated districts such as Tiong Bahru, which boasts a large population of expats and rental units. 2.4km away, lies Henderson Road, where many furniture showrooms are situated. Well-known brands such as Scanteak, Finn Avenue, and Born in Colour occupy the area. Such facilities call for a greater need to engage storage solution providers to accommodate the different lifestyles of the nearby residents.

3.Design of the advertisement banner: Even the best location also needs the right creative to reach the right target audience for immediate action. The banner at Queensway featuring Storefriendly’s brand is bright and vibrant. The large fonts and colors of this banner can reach audiences that are driving towards Ikea Alexandra from the AYE exit and at the Alexandra hospital. In this manner, Storefriendly makes its place in the consumers’ minds using creative OOH advertising at the right location. 

Storefriendly’s billboard at Queensway Shopping Centre

Promote Your Small and Medium Enterprise with The Perfect Media! 

Located at the junction of Alexandra and Jalan Bukit Merah, of the Redhill neighborhood, Queensway Shopping Centre is becoming a popular area for businesses to advertise and market their brand. As experts and professionals in OOH advertising, The Perfect Media can help Small and Medium Enterprises reach the next level of marketing and advertising. Contact us today to find out more about our creative and innovative solutions for Out of Home Advertising! 

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