Why Is Static OOH Great For The Digital Era?

Out-Of-home or OOH advertising has always been popular. It allows brands, companies, and corporations to reach their targeted audiences and drive customer purchases. However, digital-out-of-home or DOOH and programmatic digital OOH or pDOOH are gaining more fame in recent times.


According to research, digital OOH ad spend in the U.S. is likely to increase to $2.17 billion or 37.4% this year. But did you know? DOOH and pDOOH’s popularity does not mean that they amount to the most ad spend in the U.S. The traditional or static out-of-home advertising takes up the most ad spend i.e. the remaining 69%, showing that the appeal for the traditional advertising tools in the technological era remains strong.


Out-of-home advertising usually brings to mind huge impact, powerful images, the richness of ideas, colorful arts, and magnificent taglines on giant billboards. In Singapore, some of the largest billboards are at major cross junctions. These include the Orchard Road, Chinatown at the Upper Cross Street, and Furama City Centre across the Maybank Kim Eng. The larger ones are placed along the AYE expressway in Singapore.


One of our newest billboard sites has a central location. It is near a new shopping center along Farrer Park, Little India, and Mustafa. At this location, some notable landmarks and popular restaurants include Farrer Park Hospital, Park Royal Hotel, and Putien flagship restaurant. The Centrium Square ideal’s location and massive billboard size make it an appealing advertisement opportunity. This billboard by The Perfect Media offers a perfect opportunity for static and digital out-of-home advertising, allowing companies and corporations to delve deep into their creative skills and bring out the best!


The Centrium Square also features two billboards along Serangoon Road and Kitchener Road. During Deepavali in 2021, the billboards were part of the M1 brand relaunch. Both the billboards featured catchy taglines, bright colors, and beautiful images that invite the viewers to stop and admire the magnificence of art. Such appealing billboards push you to act on the advertisement message, fulfilling the advertisers’ goal.


Many times, these billboards use static OOH to build trust and emotions with the consumers, presenting an impactful and long-lasting image. The use of emotions and trust-building techniques in advertising on billboards helps build a relationship with the viewers, forcing them to take the billboard’s photo and keep it safe as a special memory.


But what makes static OOH so appealing in today’s times?

Think about KFC’s recent advertisement strategy. If you are not familiar, let us help you. KFC targets three specific locations in proximity to their major competitors’ shops in the U.S. KFC uses massive billboards together with the digital era’s popular TikTok to make its advertisement campaign go viral. KFC also uses humor to appeal to a younger age group. Photos of their three static billboards went viral, helping KFC achieve its goal of increasing popularity and leaving behind its competitors.

Source: KFC Bombs Burger Rivals With Billboards Hyping Its New Crispy Chicken Sandwich


While DOOH and pDOOH have several benefits, such as dynamic content delivery based on world conditions and buying audiences; however, a similar result could not have been achieved without a 100% share of the advertiser’s voice on the OOH media.


DOOH and PDOOH have to share the brand voice with other advertisers to avoid reducing originality, innovation, and creativity. The attention span of the audience is also limited. During heavy traffic, the consumer’s ability to act upon the billboard’s message is impaired. Therefore, static out-of-home advertising can be very beneficial. In today’s technology-savvy world, static OOH should be tailored and paired with online digital marketing tools to meet advertising needs and amplify the impact. Facebook has also spoken in the favor of advertisers using a multichannel approach to extend reach. Thus, the advertisers can focus on using mass awareness media formats as well as tailored media formats to bring uniqueness, newness, and freshness in their advertising techniques.


Many advertising companies and agencies are learning from KFC’s distinct advertising campaign. Note that their impact would not have been as much if they had targeted three DOOH locations. KFC’s success is due to its selection of three different advertising locations and usage of digital tools.

Moreover, static OOH is equipped with updated technological tools concerning consumer lifestyle, behavior, and demographic analysis. One of the latest engaging execution was done in Hong Kong’s CSL O2O – online to offline advertising done by POADHK. Thus, advertising companies are smartly and creatively using the data available in the DOOH space to enhance and improve the static OOH space. This allows an equal level of comparison between the two advertising formats.


Remember how Twitter leveraged on the 5 Hottest Trends in Outdoor Advertising in 2021 to standout but providing humor and putting up billboards with user-generated content to get the man-on-the-street vibes out?


Source: TPM – 5 Hottest Outdoor Advertising Trends


Source: Twitter Puts Up Billboards in NYC With Iconic Tweets That Aptly Sum Up 2020


Twitter leveraged has done it again to welcome 2022 with inspiring celebrities that tweeted their dreams and manifested it. Wow, 2022 is indeed the year “to make it happen” for anyone, so TWEET away and get up on a billboard people! Read Here


However, each media format has its distinct significance in the advertising industry. Therefore, one cannot simply prefer one over the other. Nevertheless, static OOH, banner advertising and billboards are proving to be quite beneficial in the digital era. It offers an unmovable unswitchable opportunity to view, projecting trust, honesty, a powerful voice, innovation, creativity, and encouragement that the consumers can observe and enjoy.


The Covid pandemic definitely drove a rise in DOOH; however, it cannot overtake static OOH. It is simply another media format to providing additional help to a marketer’s toolkit.


The Perfect Media’s creative team is an expert in static OOH, DOOH, and PDOOH. Depending on your budget, advertising needs, competitors, audience demographic, The Perfect Media can provide you with unique and engaging advertising solutions!


Contact The Perfect Media and benefit from its ideal advertising locations today!



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