Why Niche Advertising Works

Niche advertising remains widely unpopular as it rarely falls in line with a rational business model. The introduction of rapid manufacturing of homogeneous products created the perfect environment for a widespread adoption of mass marketing. This allows businesses (especially the bigger ones with more power) to grasp a large proportion of the masses, or so it seems. Chris Anderson, then editor-in-chief of WIRED magazine, raised his theory of the Long Tail in his 2006 book The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business is Selling Less of More. His theory suggests that as businesses reach a good amount of consumers through mass marketing (represented by the head), the longer end of the tail shows niche products reaching out to lesser and lesser amount of consumers, but never amounting to zero. The long tail is infinite and all together can amount to a greater market share of consumers than mass-marketed products.


Be unique, be rich


Helping Small Businesses Become Big

From automobile accessories retailers to lighting suppliers, smaller businesses with niche products must make use of niche marketing to grow. Competing head on with bigger companies in mass marketing not only incurs high costs but brings about low ROI. Advertising in areas with a niche demographic that already see a need for your product is far more effective than fighting to stand out in a sea of big brands. Securing the niche market can then allow for further growth when niche products trend, or mergers with bigger companies. Niche advertising is essential for the growth and sustainability of small businesses.


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Future of Big Businesses

Niche marketing is slowly gaining popularity among the big businesses, especially for campaigns. Coupled with mass marketing, a larger market is captured and thus increasing not only sales but the potential for adaptability of products. Niche markets become safety nets during structural shifts, and products can still be made relevant through adaptation.


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Niche Advertising in Singapore and Indonesia

Targeting a niche audience is done best geographically. Outdoor advertisements provide the lowest cost per impression and are able to target niche demographics residing in close geographical proximity. Be it targeting niche racial demographics (Singapore – Chinatown / Jalan Besar) or local and foreign travellers (Airport and Ferry Terminal advertising), we have got you covered. Contact us now to learn more about how you can effectively adopt niche advertising.



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