InsightsWith only 2 months left in 2020, here’s how to win businesses over
With only 2 months left in 2020, here’s how to win businesses over

With only 2 months left in 2020, here’s how to win businesses over

As we enter 2021, which is less than two months away, millions of potential customers are prepared to spend their budgets, even more enthusiastically than other times. It is important for advertisers to prepare a special year-end advertising strategy to increase both sales and brand awareness.


Understand your consumers’ spending habits, your time is very limited


Over time, including in Singapore, there has been a very significant change in the global shopping culture. This is due to the increase in popularity of online shopping.


How consumers shop during the holiday season. Source: Holiday Spending Survey 2019


Consumers do not only see this festive holiday season with holidays such as Christmas as the best moments for shopping – their enthusiasm makes them willing to take part in a series of promotion events provided by many e-commerce. For example, Shopee’s 10.10, 11.11, and 12.12 which are supported by attractive promotions and discounts. Additionally, consumers will also be more inclined to having staycations. Businesses in the fields of  accommodation and retail have a great opportunity to gain from here.


The above phenomenon can further stimulate consumer spending interest during the end of 2020. In a way, this October to December period is the most crucial and most decisive moment for the success of your brand – will you be able to gain more profits, or will you be left behind by your other competitors?


 Don’t Hesitate, Include Outdoor Advertising in Your Year-End Marketing Checklist


We agreed that the year-end festive season is a great opportunity. The next question is, how can you use this momentum? Here is The Perfect Media’s version of a marketing checklist that you can consider:


  • Determine your marketing goals and target persona
  • Evaluate the current running ad contents
  • Reconnect with consumers
  • Create advertising plans and offers that are relevant to the sales period
  • Share your advertising budget with online advertising and outdoor advertising


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Spotify End Of Year Billboard Advertisement. Image Source: Smart Insights



To create a vibrant year-end advertising campaign, outdoor media or OOH is the right choice. Outdoor media comes with many advantages ranging from its high daily traffic, large size and high quality display, media variants, to the ease of modification of types of advertisements (static or digital) according to advertisers’ needs.


XJoyclean Advertisement LED Billboard at People’s Park Complex


According to Omnicom Media’s research, using Out-Of-Home ads together with ads on online platforms can increase campaign effectiveness by up to 40%. In addition to that, it’s calculated that 70% of the average person’s daily budget is spent on activities outside their home. During the holiday season, this fact is even more evident as consumers are prepared to ‘spend’ their savings and year-end bonuses to buy gifts for family, colleagues, and loved ones. You just need to pull them into a compelling ad campaign.


Tokopedia’s Outdoor Advertisement in different display variants



With more and more brands competing for the attention of users through online platforms, outdoor media can amplify the influence of promotion through the power of display and visibility. Out-of-home advertising guarantees your audience 24/7 full ad exposure and will take them directly to your product showcase!


Start Advertising With The Perfect Media Now

Billboard advertisement for Thailand’s Tourism at People’s Park Complex


The Perfect Media provides various types of static and digital OOH media located in many strategic points around Singapore, including Chinatown, Queensway and many more. What are you waiting for? Publish your outdoor ad here now and utilize the opportunity later this year with an amazing and impactful ad!

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