The Importance of OOH Media in Year-End Advertising

The Importance of OOH Media

Year-end advertising preparations are underway. With the holiday season nearing, it is important to have a thoughtfully planned out campaign to maximize consumers’ reach. Having a great strategy will lead to successful results for your campaign. Some considerations for successful out-of-home advertising for the holidays would be having a unique, positive, festive, and creative advertisement. Of course, the size, locations, and time slots are also important.

The Perfect Media has prepared this timeline below to help your business with planning out your campaign strategy during the upcoming holidays and festivities for the rest of 2019. This is also a good time to start planning your out-of-home advertisements for your 2020 advertising budget. It is best to invest on outdoor advertising especially during Chinese New Year celebrations in January 2020 since it is one of Singapore’s major festivals.

What makes Year-End Advertising important?

Advertising during this season is at its peak since a lot of people are clearing their annual leaves and have the time and money to shop. Out-of-home advertising is one of the best ways to reach your target audience during this season. With the many brands competing to get consumers’ attention online, having a billboard advertisement goes a long way for your campaign’s visibility and effectiveness.

According to Omnicom Media, adding out-of-home advertisements alongside online campaigns can increase your campaign’s effectiveness by more than 40 percent. Also, 70% of consumers’ day are spent outside of their homes. During the holiday season, this becomes truer as consumers are ready to spend their savings and bonuses to gather and celebrate outside with their family, colleagues, and peers.

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For Singaporeans, November and December are also ideal months to start shopping for their planned trips and vacations for the Chinese New Year holidays. Since Singaporeans usually plan their year-end holidays 3 to 4 months in advance, advertisements about travel and tourism are definitely ideal for this season. A survey by Picodi revealed that Singaporeans are the seventh biggest holiday spenders in the world. The survey also revealed that the top holiday destinations for Singaporeans were Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Australia.

There is also an influx of foreign visitors during the holidays, adding more reach to your ads. Over 1.6 million foreign visitors arrived in Singapore in December 2018, giving you more audience for your billboard advertisements. Last year, tourists spent S$1.33 million on shopping and $1.38 on sightseeing. One of the top nationalities visiting Singapore are Chinese with over 3.4 millions visitors entering the city state in 2018. Meanwhile, 3 millions Indonesian visitors and 1.4 millions Indian visitors entered Singapore in 2018. A fun fact: Indonesians enter Singapore by ferries and airplanes which means out-of-home advertisements at ferry terminals and airports during the year-end are ideal.

Different areas of Singapore attract different types of visitors. For different holidays such as Deepavali and Hari Raya Puasa, Indian and Malay tourists as well as locals come together to celebrate. These events held at Little India and Geylang also boast unique festival lights for everyone to enjoy, just like the Mid-Autumn Festival. Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve are also full of tourists and locals out and about in Singapore doing various activities such as doing their Christmas and year-end shopping or celebrating with family, friends, and colleagues. Locals and tourists can even participate at the Year-End Countdown at various spots at Marina Bay. The year-end countdown can be celebrated at spots such as the Merlion Park, ArtScience Museum, Ocean Financial Centre, and The Fullerton Bay Hotel. The Chinese New Year, of course, is another big celebration in Singapore. Lion dances and colorful processions can be witnessed during this time of the year in places such as Chinatown, NS Square, and the Marina Bay Waterfront.

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A billboard found at People's Park Complex, one of The Perfect Media's locations
A billboard found at People’s Park Complex, one of The Perfect Media’s locations

The Perfect Media has locations in high foot traffic and high visibility areas in Singapore such as Queensway Shopping Centre, People’s Park Complex, Furama City Centre Hotel, Mustafa Centre, and many more. We also have key locations at various airports such as Palembang International Airport, Batam Ferry Terminal, Kualanamu International Airport, and Soekarno-Hatta International Airport.

Year-end billboard advertising by Spotify
Year-end billboard advertising by Spotify

Last year, Spotify’s year-end advertising campaign included creative billboards which involved amusing phrases taken from the trends and behaviors of their app users. Many brands like to advertise their year-end promotions to consumers while others use emotional marketing to win people’s hearts. Others also get highly creative with their out-of-home advertisements to stand out amongst the whirlwind of online and traditional year-end advertisements.

A bright and creative year-end billboard advertisement
A bright and creative year-end billboard advertisement

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