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A book should not be judged by its cover, but a brand is certainly known by its shopfront! A shopfront is a business owner’s best real estate. Many businesses spend great amounts regularly to ensure that their shopfront projects the right image and remains relevant according to the customers’ needs. The business signage is, thus, worth investing in.


Companies familiar with marketing and advertising strategies know that their shopfronts are the best place to project the perfect image and enhance the store experience. Consider Marriott Marquis in Times Square, New York. Times Square is an ideal location in New York. It is a place where tourists and locals come to experience the culture and vibrancy. Times Square is where top brands and companies compete for the attention of the customers. At every corner of Times Square, you will observe many creative and engaging billboards and LED screens stacked above each other, making the most of outdoor advertising. Times Square is one of the world’s top 10 most photographed locations. No wonder many upcoming unicorn brands find their mark here to signify their global plans. Thus, Times Square is a great place to advertise and market your brand.


Marriott Marquis is an exquisite hotel in the heart of New York that has the benefit of being in Times Square. This hotel has recently received a grand makeover amounting to $50 million. This renovation has also come with 90-inch-long LED screens that will help the hotel in its advertising and marketing strategies.


Marriott Marquis uses its shopfront creatively with a wave-based illusion using an LED Board. This moving illusory LED Board attracts the attention of tourists and locals alike. This wave-based illusion is an anamorphic wave and has become the talk in Seoul where it was first seen. Marriott Marquis is thus, utilizing Outdoor Advertising strategies to become the talk of the town.


If your store is based at a popular location, do not think twice while investing in it. Just as in the case of Marriott Marquis, use your digital LED signage for double uses to create your brand and to generate additional revenue at the same time.


The Thailand Authority of Tourism of Singapore and Orchard Road – Building A Prime Location in the Heart of Singapore

The Thailand Authority of Tourism of Singapore realized the popularity and scope of the Orchard Road location. Therefore, they made the most of this location to benefit brands and companies and their outdoor advertising needs. The Thailand Authority of Tourism of Singapore is located between the Thai Embassy and Palais Renaissance on the Orchard Road.


Everyone that comes to Orchard Road is excited to witness and enjoy food, shopping experience, visual attractions, and much more. At such a location, shop owners and businesses can attract and engage customers with exciting visuals that are dynamic or static, in the form of videos, tickers, live streams, and more! So investing in a LED screen at one’s shopfront in the Orchard Road of Singapore- one of the most famous shopping belts in Asia makes total sense!


The Perfect Media understood the needs of The Thailand Authority of Tourism of Singapore and installed a trivision display during the early 2000s for a cost-effective price. This creative and engaging trivision allowed the client to display 3 giant billboard visuals on a rotating basis. Having the option to display 3 visuals allows the client to present the best visuals to the customers.


With progress in technology, The Thailand Authority of Tourism of Singapore turned towards the LED screen. The LED screen provides an opportunity to display multiple videos and images and offers audio as well, providing you with the Best Outdoor Media Location at your Doorstep!


Many other companies are also investing in LED screens, LCD screens, 3D displays, and soft-touch lightboxes for their shopfronts. Companies that own factories and offices are also putting in money to get their billboards for their advertising and marketing needs, for example, the giant paint can that was advertised by Nippon Paint along Lok Yang way became the talk of the town.


Source: Mothership(2022)


Other clients are investing in signages to promote communication and unity amongst employees and ensure their safety. It is a good form of internal marketing and branding to create better teams. LED counters tracking the number of days without any accident are common in worksites and factories where safety measures are on the topmost of every employee on site. But with LED tickers, we can also display customized messages, attracting fresh attention and putting a smile on everyone’s face. Customized messages such as Happy Chinese New Year make customers feel valued. The Perfect Media has installed and maintained several innovative and creative signages to meet the advertising needs of clients.

To ensure an accident-free zone, The Perfect Media installed LED safety signages in an undisclosed area in Singapore. Such safety signboards spread awareness in sites of construction, manufacturing, marine shipyards, factories, and more.


While safety signages convey an important message, they can be made creative, innovative, and engaging using art and colors. We found some out-of-the-box safety signages that convey the message while brightening up the billboard. Not only is it fun, but it also makes safety messages more accessible with some humor, thus getting the message across to keep safe!


Yes, safety is serious business, too many safety signs are filled with large texts and bold images of “consequences”, warnings or soft touch efforts like featuring a waiting family. What about some humour and being out there to cut through the audience’s mind clutter and get a laugh or two out of it? Here are some good ones. from this reference here


A billboard, especially at your shopfront, can play a vital role in reminding people of your brand and the great products/ services that it offers. So investing in a billboard for your internal and external audience is a wise investment that will benefit you in the long run. Luckily, The Perfect Media is an expert in helping you set up your billboard.


The Perfect Media can meet all your Outdoor Advertising and Marketing needs. With its expert team that creates creative and customized solutions for your brand, you can generate revenue and reach a large audience.




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