With a focus on TCM, Sian Chay Medical is about implementing humanitarian and charitable work in Singapore.

To spread awareness about their projects and services, Sian Chay Medical placed billboard advertisements in various locations that their target audience frequents.


Besides wanting to spread awareness about their TCM services, Sian Chay Medical also aimed to spread awareness about their various projects and initiatives.

Sian Chay Medical - Logo
Sian Chay Medical at 121 Sims Avenue


Sian Chay Medical made sure to have large billboards displayed in areas where people are more willing to experience Chinese medicine for higher brand recall. Their billboards in Chinatown are in the Chinese language to effectively communicate their messages to their target audience.


Through these billboard advertisements, Sian Chay Medical is able to let consumers know about their different services, their vision, mission, and goals, and their projects and initiatives that can trigger great brand recall in the future.

Sian Chay Medical at People's Park Complex

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